Nikon D80 Digital Camera Review

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An overview of the Nikon D80 digital camera, covering areas such as build quality, ease of use, image quality, and a comparison with similar SLR cameras. You can find the full text review, sample photos and a best price checker at


L E says:

Nikon D80 and Nikon Coolpix L340 which is better? Please reply me, thanks.

SuperLordPedro says:

It takes SD memory cards? The future is now!

Gary Jenkins says:

Thank you for all the information. You have helped me with a lot of questions I have had. I liked and subscribed.

Alagu konjum Udumalai says:

D80 has support taking video

Podunk Man says:

I own D80 and this camera never impressed me. Pictures are not sharp at all. The progress since that day when it was released is also limited – most of cameras today offers quite bad result. Mostly we have marketing progress.


Nikon D80 or Canon 600D is better for video shooting ?

Dave Sherrell says:

Thank you for the video of the Nikon D80. I bought one brand-new back in September 2006 With the 18-70/3.5-4.5 AF-S DX and Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro lens Plus a sigma 170-500 5/6.3 and a Nikon sb 800 speedlight flash. I've taken some beautiful pictures with this Outfit. Yesterday I ordered another D80 Body only Fully refurbished from Amazon I haven't done much photography for a few years Because I have been doing a lot of archery. Didn't want one of the New Nikon Cameras With video and all the bells & Whistles Can't wait to get out there Again and shoot some nice Photos Instead of arrows

Nilesh Palve says:

Where to get battery of d80 camera nikon.
Plz Reply

Obeijin says:

Just bought one on e bay for $128 in mint condition . Shutter count of 12k , along with a Nikon battery and charger . All spotless clean . 1 / 25 / 2018

Per Martin Steen says:

Thank you for the good review :=]

Kevin Steve says:

Can it do black and white?

Ashikul Islam says:

Nikon D7500 is the overall best camera i think.

St1ng Aka Joshua says:

Still looking to this video in 2018!

Double J says:

Can you record with this camer

Tomi Igo says:

This dslr is useless nowadays.

Ahmoo Cann says:

Türk yok mi

Leyton Manuel Diaz says:

Mi actual camara

Nv_GOTEM says:

How do you af focus

EXOVA says:

Can this record videos? Sorry for the stupid question !!

KANALplus says:

super nikon d80

Justin Titus says:

hey dude, cud u hlp me choosing a dslr frm the option Nikon d80 or Canon d450

Karl Benson says:

Does the D80, 90 or D200 have video recording modes.

Karl Benson says:

Looking for something like this, what would a 2006 D80 cost now it's 2016.

Marc P. says:

The Colors are more vibrant, natural & saturated, because like the D200, D40(x), D50, D60, D70(s) the D80 is using a CCD Sensor – not CMOS like the successor D90 and later iterations. I do love my D80 much, 10 MP is still plenty & enough for me…and i do crop rarely.

Best paired with the D80: The great Nikon Nikkor 18-70/3.5-4.5 AF-S DX lens, or the excellent Tamron (A16N) 17-80/2.8 Zoom.

BackYardChaos says:

I just got this as my first dslr. I have a dumb question. The galaxy s5 smart phone has a 16mp camera, are cell phones ever going to out do slr? I am a bit overwhelmed. Thank u.

Sophiaanimalloverperkins says:

I recently got this camera and I was wondering if there's anyway you can turn the flash off? Or does it just automatically flash if it's dark? :/

brianminkc says:

You can buy a D7000 right now for about $625 on the grey market.  Thats what I would do before I bought one of these.

AGturtleLover says:

Ok this is gonna sound dumb but I was wondering if you can show us how to make it record cause I need it too

stu wilks says:

Need help!
My D80 used to be set in a way that allowed me to take a light reading in a darker area of the room and go back to the spot where I wanted to take my photograph. For example if I wanted to photograph one spot in my room and there was not enough light there I would point the camera to an even darker area of the room and press the button down halfway to get the light reading and then point the camera back to the original spot I wanted to photograph, tricking the camera into thinking that it's actually taking a photo of the darker area. 

Does anyone know how to set that up on the D80? That was my setting but somehow I lost that and now I don't know how to set that up again on my camera.

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