Nikon D780 Hands-On Review

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Dave and Evelyn got their hands on a Nikon D780 DSLR. This new camera sports the same autofocus technology and interface as the mirrorless Nikon Z6 when it’s in Live View mode. Is this camera the best of both worlds, or are DSLR cameras becoming irrelevant? Watch to find out!

Nikon D780 –

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Rajbir Bhattacharjee says:

I like my mirror less cameras and i switched quite early when the Canon came out when eos m.

However, there are two drawbacks
1. Carrying 8 batteries for a 10 day trek in the Himalayas wasn't great. And they don't last half as long in sub zero temperatures.
2. The sensor being on all the time means more heat generated and more thermal noise

I like the mirrorless and I'm going to keep that system but I'm going to buy this one as well, with the kit lens and a 50. I wish i hadn't given off my 6MP Nikon d50 system away when I switched to Canon mirrorless

antelo bubnich says:

Thank you Evelyn and Dave for this (very well done review in my opinion of the D780). I been waiting a long time for a replacement to my D750 but unfortunately I'll have to skip this one because most of the improvements and hybrid capabilities are seen true the live view screen , and that's just not for me. I'm guessing that the only alternative would be the D850 since I already have a small investment on f mount lenses and I'm a proud dye hard DSLR shooter .

Peter Cheuk says:

I’m considering this camera. I own a D610 and Z6 at the moment and had the D500. These days I’m shooting more and more video and do both 4K and 1080. The AF of the D610 is really bad and that’s where the Z6 comes in but I am finding that I need a second camera at times so I’m either going to get a second Z6 or a D780. I’m leaning towards the D780 as it would compliment the Z6.

With regards to using the D780 in Live View, I’ve found that it’s useful in situations where you need to raise the camera over your head to take photos over people’s heads or if you want to get a crazy low angle shot. How about putting the camera into a corner of the room? With the flip out screen and LV you can see and frame your shot.

Carlos Ferreira says:

Danke, Grüße aus Deutschland 🇩🇪

fabian puello says:

You guys need less mirrors, it will sure change your shooting experience

Ajay Soni says:

Isn't it costly than D750 for just some features update? I own D3200 and was thinking to upgrade to D750 but just today got to know about this new launch of D780 and when I compared the price, it pop-up out of my budget. 🙁

Kano Daily - The Philippines and More says:

If they made a Z mount camera that felt as good as this, that would be nice. As it is, I am waiting for the D780 that I preordered for my wife from B&H Photo to arrive here in the next few days. I always loved the D750's feel, and I have spent a long time with optical viewfinders and pro-level SLR-type bodies. To me, this is a really good DSLR, and the fact that you only get the extra autofocus points and so forth in live view doesn't bother me. With all my other DSLRs, I didn't have an electronic viewfinder when shooting video, either.

Obviously, if you've used a decent electronic viewfinder, it is quite convenient to shoot video while holding the camera in a "normal" shooting position. That was something I liked even when I had my now-ancient Nikon P500 all-in-one camera. But, for someone who is coming to this simply as an SLR fan and who is used to optical viewfinders for photo and live view for video, I don't see any drawbacks–only advantages.

Igor Pereira says:

Wonder if there will ever be a 6d mark III because of this

Jog S says:

D780 is a slightly improved DSLR, not more, not less and at the end another missed chance from Nikon to develop more Mirrorless technology and come a bit closer to other brands like Sony, Panasonic etc…. good for Nikon DSLR Fans, bad for all the other ex Nikon shooters. 🙈

floex831 says:

Still using the D700 and D750. Other than eye focus, and real-time preview through the the electronic viewfinder, ML still doesn’t do anything my DSLRs don’t. And since the product of great images are more in the lens than the camera, technologically speaking, I see no reason to upgrade.
When I do, Nikon probably won’t make DSLRs anymore and I’ll probably get the D780 at a steal.

tomlew55 says:

Last year instead of a D850 I decided to go mirrorless and bought a Z7, 2 native lenses and a ftz adaptor. I must say it absolutely blows away my D750 BUT the first wedding I shot I found myself primarily using the 750 because of the 2 card slots. Can't risk card failure for something that important. In the recent past I shot events with the D750 and a D7100 and they were more than capable of doing the job. Image quality of all those cameras are excellent, although the Z7 takes it to another level, especially when cropping. Why only one card slot Nikon? If it wasn't for all the glass I own I probably would have leaned toward Panasonic or Sony. All that being said, it still comes down to who is behind the camera. I'm proud to say I got respectable images even when I shot film back in the day. It appears to be a marketing war as these camera companies try to survive due to smartphones taking over their point and shoot cameras. Their market has shrunk down to enthusiasts and pros. The last few years it appears they don't want you to be happy with what you have, hence the D780..

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