Nikon D780 Hands-on Review

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The Nikon D780 combines the great DSLR experience of Nikon’s D750 with some of the great mirrorless features found on the Nikon Z6. View full resolution D780 sample photos from this video here:

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ruffdraft says:

Both the Nikon D750 and Nikon D780 are on my shopping list. I have a four year plan.
And the Nikon D5600 and Panasonic s1h

dinwa says:

How does the Z6 firmware 3.0 compare to the D780 with auto-focus for sports and action? I assume the D780 is much better.

Mingmar Lama says:

Sounded like squarespace

Raychard Kho says:

How's the autofocus on video with 3rd party lens like sigma art primes? Is it silent and quick?

Raychard Kho says:

T stop Tony would prefer his Sqaure Space

surlykaratemonkey says:

Stop giving us the finger, Chris 3:22

Den D says:

So in harsh situation you will switch back to OVF, whats the point to have a D780? I am very confused as 100% of my photos are shoot in low light as a D750 user for 5 years..

Jay Choi says:

If Nikon changed the name to D7 or E7, I would buy it. D780 sounds like a cheap budget model.

Cole Breiland says:

Wish there was a HLG comparison in this.

The other benefit of optical finders is that there is zero lag from needing to pull data off the sensor to display in and evf.

I would have missed the pop up flash as well, but it pushes people towards their RF trigger flashes, and apparently improves the weather sealing.

BiggeDink says:

When you're shooting in snow, how about flashing the outside temperature on the screen, so we know how much you're suffering? I'm always left wondering how cold it gets up there in Canada.

Alexander Hartmann says:

WOHOO, 10 percent!

bird271828 says:

I was hoping for a hexagonal sponsor😉

Adam Muise says:

Thank you for blurring the plumber's crack Jordan. I was eating breakfast and didn't need the extra Canadian bacon. 😄

Silin photography says:

bow lake Background

philaw123 says:

2:40 Is that a working man's smile?

mrdarryljones1 says:

Low light banding?

J Limbu says:

Lost me at metering button. D780 not for me.

LAZY DOG says:

Experiential experience 🤔

ByeUK says:

Triangle Space sucks ass!

Exhausted but Upbeat says:

Triangle Place does exist! But, not for websites:

Of course, I always love videos with Chris and Jordan. Nice camera. Great vid and clever idea of an EVF that plugs into a DSLR's hotshoe, a la the Leica M10.

But, I'm missing seeing Jordan – at some point – in the fetal position! And, what's the deal with those mitts, Chris??

Lyndon Smith says:

2:54 you need some snowshoes buddy! Great review, really well shot stills and video.

dsimon9 s says:

Well, I entered the coupon code but it did not work. What kind of a rip off is this? 🙂

TheNloth says:

The D780 print on the body is really ugly and oddly placed! Cost saving again!

Blake Parry says:

nikons line on lack of flash was for weather sealing

trantienlan says:

Good job as usual.

TM says:

If i could add evf to dslr. I won't buy mirrorless then

bbtan says:

2:40 No dumping in the stream please

Zee Wil says:

I’ve had 780 for about 2weeks and shot 5 weddings. The liveview autofocus (face/eye tracking) aren’t so reliable. I find it back focus a lot, on dance floor it’s almost useless. I find LV useful at getting prep shots where subjects aren’t moving as much, getting that eye is pretty useful. I haven’t adjust any settings on the camera, again totally new to LV shooting from traditional dslr.

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