Nikon D750 Hands-on Review

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Nikon has added another full-frame FX option to their DSLR range with the D750(, slotting in between the D610( and D810( But what does the D750 bring to the FX party?

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Nikon D750
Nikon D610
Nikon D810

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段顺坤 says:


vivek bankar says:

Why this guy hate nikon so much..

Abhijit Vaidya says:

Never seen any positive review comments regarding any DSLR from this guy…!!!

Abhijit Vaidya says:

The most pessimistic camera reviewer I have ever came across….!!! Waste of time…

Shahmi Salim says:

Be grateful dudes…currently Im still using D3100 and I still love it so much. It still my great still photography camera eventhough Ive been using it almost for 9 years. Yeah I realize theres a lot of improvement and changes that give a lot of impressive result and performances in this photography world nowaday, but I just cant leave my 1st entry DSLR camera and it would be so sad for me if I do so

jdalefan says:

LOOKIE HERE, major misinformation on D810's purpose. The D800e is the D800 without an AA filter. The D810 is better in terms of handling, buffer, and fps. Surprisingly it's not as good in lowlight.

Gavin Thomas says:

All about him. Wont be watching this guy no more . Worst yet.

Jajung Kim says:

What the hell is wrong with you guys. He's one of the best reviewers here very informative

Bipin Shah says:

Just wasted my time hoping there would be something of use from this video. Find another job man. You are confusing people than giving any relevant information.

M Pi says:

Couldn’t watch past the first two minutes, what an annoying little fuck. You should not be reviewing anything.

Edward Cieplehowicz says:

this was a terrible review. I see he is trying to be funny but its not, just confusing.

Silvermanshehadi says:

dude sometimes i hate your reviews. its like you put the camera on auto. i dont get to see the full quality of the camera and or performance.

Nomad Viking says:

You are an asshole

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