Nikon D7200 Vs Canon 7D Mark ii – Full Camera Comparison

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More info on Nikon D7200:

More info on the Canon 7D Mark ii:

More info on the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 lens:

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umabathy suyambu says:

DXO score : am i joke to u

Juan David Fernández says:

The Nikon has better image quality and better low light performance, but I just don't like its plasticky built and its crappy view finder eye piece, which I always end up loosing. The Canon has slightly worse image quality but nothing drastic which couldn't be dealt with in photoshop and a superior autofocus system. I much prefer the 7D MK 2's handling, larger eye piece and heavier, sturdier body which fits my hands better.

Polyvios Simopoulos says:

Came across this video because I am researching for a camera in this class.

What has me baffled is this:

Everybody is going ecstatic about how the 7D MkII is indestructible and how good the weather sealing is, however, when it comes to lenses, I have noticed that none of the Canon APS-C lenses has even a mount gasket for rudimentary dust and moisture protection [let alone weather sealing], while all of the Nikon APS-C lenses that matter do, and, as I understand it, a weather sealed camera must be paired with a weather sealed lens, in order to confidently be used without issues in adverse weather conditions.

Therefore, question:

Which of the two would you recommend/pick up for shooting sports, wildlife, landscape… in a misty morning or evening or during a mild drizzle or near the sea or a lake, river or waterfall, in a forest, in a dry desert [think Sahara, Arizona, Utah]… with a gentle to moderate breeze, and, equally importantly, with which wide angle zoom, standard zoom and telephoto zoom APS-C lenses? Does the lack of a mount gasket affect Canon weather sealing — and if not, how come?

Being as specific as possible, also, possibly, mentioning reliable sources of information on the subject, would be appreciated.

Also, dynamic range-wise: does the Canon DPAF have anything to do with the 7D MkII [and other Canon DSLRs’] worse dynamic range, compared to that of the Nikons [the D7200 that I am interested in, also other models]?

tee biz says:

tota bhai …. D7200 is superior to 7D II ok ….. for the features of fps buffer af points and price – Nikon has D500 and this beats all cameras in crop sensor mode ….. go for D7200 and save money and get best performance

algo ritmus says:

What I can see in your video contradicts your own verdicts. Nikon's picture quality at high ISO is visibly and markedly higher than Canon's yet you claim the opposite. Unacceptable man. What are you doing there?

Johnny Red says:

A more fair comparison would be the D7200 vs the 80D.

Darks Gaming says:

For me Nikon is better

Grant Sommer says:

Disliking the video only for the bias. It's so blatant it's disgusting

PhatCrayonz says:

Great video!

Kristianto Wondy says:

D7200 half way cheaper than canon, still d7200 have better image quality.
I’m preparing switching to nikon.

Azeez Zakir says:

Nikon d500 is best of all.. The real beast..

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