Nikon D5600 Review – Watch Before You Buy

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⭐Nikon D5600
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The Nikon D5600 is a fantastic camera and shares the features of Nikon’s top professional level cameras. It is an absolutely fantastic camera for someone looking to go pro or achieve very high-quality photos on a budget. Paired with an impressive 24MP sensor, 14 bit raw and quick autofocus this camera will absolutely deliver!

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Klei Testa says:

Sound is too low

Ryan Stevens says:

nah not internal


D5300 does have a flip screen it’s not touch screen but it has one.

J Ochs says:

5:06. Looks like he has the same problem as I do…only I superglued the right earpiece back onto my glasses.

Lena says:

should I get this one or the canon eos 250d? I don't really do any post-processing and video isn't that important to me

Devon Williams says:

Uhm.. What nonsense are you talking about that the card slot is next to the battery. All D5000 range cams have the card slot on the side and articulating screens. Are you smoking cheap crack or something?

Al Wilson says:

I typically see the D5600 with a VR telephoto lens, while the D5300 typically isn't sold with one. I once read that if one is going to consider a camera, don't bother with a non-VR telephoto lens. What do you think? I was impressed enough with the d5300 review, then I saw this one and was sold up until you said it was not for amateurs on vacation, where I am looking for a camera to challenge me and grow into.

Jeremy Tankersley says:

Reviewing photo/video equipment and has low sound and dark exposure. Sure…I trust this guy. Especially with the air pods in. Good grief.

Supratik Bhowmik Showdho says:

If I want to do both photography and videography but like everyone my main priority is photography. So should I buy Nikon d5600 or Canon SL2 (or 200D)

Give a reply bro


is this camra going to be worth my money ?

Titiana Rasputin says:

normalize your audio bro.

Lady Arida says:

half of the video You were talking about how this camera is not for filming. I get it it's not, but how about showing some picture examples rather than video which obviously this camera is not meant for? You could have talked about the best lenses and photo possibilities with it!

TVdatMiles says:

Any recomendation of gimbals for nikon d5600?

Roe Roe says:

M50 or this? Daaamn I'm confuse!!🙁 Help me decide pleasee..

sarah almahmoud says:

i’m planning on buying one but as a younger person i find it a bit too expensive and i’m not sure if i should get it

Upcoming says:

Can i go Niko d5600 or canon 200d mark 2? for photography and videography also.

Matt Posner says:

I have a question on which dslr is best for shooting video

Galaxy Void says:

bought the camera! It’s still in shipping but I’m excited to use it for the holidays! Thank you!

vijeeth Raj says:

audio is low

andyscott0 says:

get a Nikon D40, 6MP, amazing jpeg pic straight out of the camera no tweeking required

Dan Friedman says:

In which city is this video recorded?

KidPersepolis says:

How do you feel about the Canon 77D in 2019 (Black Friday)? There’s some great deals right now, but a lot of people tell me to switch to mirrorless. It’s just that this camera is so affordable right now, and I think 24 megapixels is good enough for large prints, what I do.

Edgar Granada says:

I am planning to purchase that camera. Nice review. Thank you!

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