Nikon D5100 Digital Camera Video Review & Test

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Nikon D5100 Digital Camera Video Review & Specs: Nikon D5100 Demo


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The Nikon D5100 updates the NIkon D5000 model, but continues to sit alongside the Nikon D90 in the range – quashing rumours that this latter model was to be replaced. The NIkon D5100 straddles the beginner and mid-level consumer market, merging entry-level ‘fun’ features such as Effects modes along with an image sensor pulled directly from the NIkon D7000 and many other features adopted from the D3100. Can the D5100 successfully fit snugly into the gap between those two cameras? The What Digital Camera Nikon D5100 review takes a look.

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Rupen Johal says:

2019 anyone

Problem Slayer says:

Anyone seen my keys

Melvin Hermann Channel says:

Just realized this review video is 5 years old. Is this still a good camera for a beginner?

Augusta de Villiers says:

I need advice as of which lens to use on my D5100 – specifically for making make-up tutorial videos! #HELP  

malm14 says:

My videos look grainy and 1980's like..
Anyone know how i can get good and sharp video quality?

anton0291 says:

canon eos 500d kit or nikon d5100?i want more a camera  for videos

Pushkar Lakshmanan says:

I know it is a bit silly to ask this but mine seems to stuck in only video mode that is with the 'time remaining' showing in LiveView… I tried various things but the proper camera set up is not showing and i can't even find any relevant answer in the manual. Please, any help? -D5100

flvconverter mac says:

Nikon D5100 is one of best model which is easy to buy online. This offers many gifts and it is best to order online. If anyone looking to by camera online then  it is best to purchase online.

Atayjah Lyons says:

I'm glad I got the d5100

FawazALShehab says:

how can i turn on the flash during video? 

Syed Ehtesham Shah says:

Dear I have D5100 Nikon, I have little problem using of asstt.lamp. The asstt. lamp turns on in dark to focus in Auto mode but in Manual mode it never turns on it suddenly stop working in manual mode, I dont know wht setting is changed that this happened, plz help me if u know

Partha Sarathi says:

But what about the rolling shutter effect?

topografer says:

There is no anwer to that. Its a nikon vs canon issue and no one can reply that. If theres something measurable to convince you, is that nikon prbably has better sensors at the moment. Offcourse whichever of the two you buy will be great and paired with some good lenses will make great pictures. Decide if you want to invest on a nikon or a canon sysem cause if you start with one of two you will probably continue with the same brand. I went with nikon but so many people are canon shooters

topografer says:

At this time CMOS sensors are pretty good. Some time ago i think CCD was used more but im not sure.

topografer says:

Almost the same if you ask me. 3200 is newer gen but 5100 has more features. I chose 5100 because of the HDR and the movable screen

xhiqic says:

which lens is being used in the video ?

Hillary Miranda says:

How much is this camera?

convict says:

600d vs d5100 .. who win ?

ilias b. says:

What is your question?

Partha Sarathi says:

Which type of sensors are better? CCD or CMOS? When to choose what?

Derriann Cornwall says:

Is this better than the t4i

Mariane Arandia says:

Can you suggest any good lens for Nikon d5100? I'm planning to buy one

Zaman Zaidi says:

What to buy
D3200 or D5100

Which is better for a beginner..???

mrjohbje02 says:

How do I start filming I can't get the filming screen and when I take picture it's just black please answer I got it today but don't know what to do so please help me thanks

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