Nikon D500 VS Nikon D7500 Comparison: Which To Buy?

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Nikon D500 VS Nikon D7500 Comparison: grab my 11 days to better photography videos right here

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Jared Polin says:

grab my 11 days to better photography videos right here

Roman Justme says:

Forgotten to mention the D500 had a built in AF motor, the D7500 does not. The older version D7100 and D7200 also has a AF motor. I still have a number of lenses that require the body to have a focus motor, this is why for me the D500 wins

Den D says:

In real estate photography interiors. Coming from the d7100, is there any reason to go with the d500 or just go with d7500? Any comments greatly appreciated. Thx!

Eric Franklin says:

Actually Jared the D7500 don't have NFC its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

John B says:

You photo geeks cannot get out of your heads. The D 7500 has an auto function, the D 500 does not. For a newbie goober like me that wants to start taking pics now, as opposed to dinking around for 6 months to learn enough to not crap on every pic, that's the whole deal right there.

snkfanatic says:

Sitting here wondering what I should upgrade to from my D7000….leaning toward the D500 but man it's double the price for the body only than the 7500 now.

John Smith says:

I thought that 7500 doesn't have nfc… also d500 have much better weather sealing

A Hurtig says:

Went from d7100 to d500….no regrets!

Travel Bird says:

I have the D7200 and will upgrade to the D500 early next year.

Hema Khatri says:

Bring up a comparsion between nikon d500 and d850

Nev Van Clarke says:

I have owned my Nikon D7500 for exactly one day only and I love it. Yeah probably when you break it all down the D500 is a slightly better camera in a few different ways but at the end of the day picture quality cranks for me and I’m getting the same picture quality out of this camera as I would be 500 because the processor is the same and the sensor is the same and I will be using the same lenses. However find this camera I saved $750 over the D 500 and that’s a lot of coin. I have read so many people Winge about the lack of dual card slot. If we go back for five years most cameras only had one slot and no one really ever had a problem. If I’m gonna go out to someone’s wedding or something professional I would probably have a second body with me anyway as opposed to relying on the card failing or not failing. It’s more likely that something is in the camera might fail I supposed to the card and that’s where a second body would be more than useful. 128 gig card is gonna carry a lot of photos and video. Quite simply you can carry a second 128 gig card in your camera bag if you are gonna go through all of that in one shoot. As well as a spare battery if you need.

The money I saved on the D7500 will allow me to buy other bits and pieces camera. And lots of people complain about the SnapBridge app but I found it really simple to connect and pretty straightforward. In fact I had to nick on cameras and to switch between the two using SnapBridge is actually quite simple. I would say one thing though it’s probably a lot easier to use an iPad or a tablet as opposed to a smart phone which will fill up really quickly. The image quality is simply outstanding on this camera and I love you to the cows come home it will do still photography as well as the D500 as it simply is the same sensor and same processor. I’m not going to bad today D500 at all as it is a great camera also but the amount of paper in the stain for the D7500 unwarranted we really analyse the facts. As jarred says the guts of these two cameras is the same.

Okay so the D500 10 frames for second as opposed to 8 but really what sporting events or photography is really tell you lies that two frames for second difference. For the majority of us he’s taking photos that really is not going to make a huge difference and again I think so many people are just looking at the fault of the D7500 instead of embracing what it is which is a really beast of a camera for 1300 bucks or thereabouts.

Remember the D500 is $750-$800 more expensive. To me it is not one third better camera than that is the D500.

And honestly the 24 megapixels down to 21 or 20.9 Is not a factor I have seen the raw images from my Nikon D3 400 which is 24 megapixels compared To this camera and I cannot pick the difference. If you are doing a 30” x 15” canvas sure we might see some pixelation in massive size prints that who does this type of prints.

The video is very similar in both these cameras it’s really good again I point to the fact that this camera is almost $800 cheaper. You cannot buy a product that is $800 cheaper and expect to get the same specs as the D500. And while most people do not see the benefit of a pop-up flash I do and it is useful in certain circumstances. So if you owned a D 500 and you needed to buy a flash that’s another hundred bucks also on top. I understand the love for the D7500 people need to stop criticising the D7500 because they love the D500 that’s simply stupid.

I also see one major benefit to the D7500 that the D500 does not have and that’s the proximity sensor where the monitor turns off when your eye comes up to the viewfinder. That is brilliant and it’s really really good the first time I used it it’s almost like the camera is watching you.

Also the D7500 is lighter. When you’re can you camera around 7-8 hours on a hike somewhere in the middle of nowhere that’s gonna make a hell of a difference and also just holding it remember holding a camera still free hand is a huge difference when the camera is lighter.

Okay I’m not gonna bag the D500 as it is a brilliant camera but the D7 500 for almost 1/3 the cost of the D500 it’s a bloody awesome value camera and I think if the D500 didn’t exist then we would be raving about this D7500 but we’re not because there is a similar camera that has a few more features that were pissed off that this camera doesn’t have when in actual fact they are different cameras and that different markets.

My estimation some prices are Australian dollars. I love the Nikon D7500.

Edwin Maldonado says:

D500 weather seal, D500 doesn’t have auto just PASM, D500 can use all the Nikon glass, actually before D850 came out the D500 was the camera every pro had. DX or FX is a matter of choice and what you are shooting regardless if you are just a beginner a hobbyist or a pro photography is an expensive hobby.

Camera Dave Photography says:

Currently shooting with a D7100 for past 4 years with a 17-55 2.8 glass. The kicker for me is the 2 card slots and the vertical grip. My choice for upgrade will be D500.

Coolchris158 says:

I got a great deal on the D500 and I couldn't be any happier

Allkindsofgains says:

D500 has an auto white balance that keeps whites

azeez zakir says:

I wonder how you missed the fact that, D500 is coupled with dual processors, one completely dedicated to AF system ..
Also D500's view finder is noticably bigger and brighter than d7500.

Hunter says:

I have the d60… either one is WOW to me!!! 🙂

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