Nikon D3500 Review and Video Footage Test & Photography Test

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Nikon D3500 DSLR Review and Video Test & Image Quality Test
Link to the Nikon D3500:
Link to Canon SL2:
Link to Panasonic G7(better video):
Link to External Monitor:
SD card for Nikon D3500:

Today I’m reviewing the Nikon D3500. The Nikon D3500 is Nikon’s entry level DSLR and is probably the least expensive DSLR you can buy. Despite the fact that it’s inexpensive, the Nikon D3500 doesn’t feel cheaply made. It has a pretty standard hard plastic body with a nice, deep, well-designed grip. Another pleasant surprise, is how compact the Nikon D3500 is. It’s an unusually compact camera and you can see how it compares to Canon’s smallest DSLR, the extremely compact Canon SL2. It’s definitely bigger than mirrorless cameras, but for a DSLR it’s as compact as they get. Part of the compactness comes from the kit 18-55mm DX mount lens which hides it’s APS sized sensor and retracts when the camera is not in use. We’ll get into the performance of the kit lens in a minute. You can also swap it out with any Nikon DX or FX format lens. I also really enjoyed the grip and balance of the Nikon D3500 which allowed me to shoot even single handedly. The button layout is also very intuitive and easy to reach. You have the on-off button around the shutter. A movie record button and the really handy mode dial. There’s also a solid-feeling adjuster dial that’s really useful, especially as you start making more advanced adjustments. I also love this Live View to Viewfinder toggle switch which is really well positioned. And as with most DSLRs, it comes with a popup flash and a hotshoe mount. The switch layout on the rear face is also pretty intuitive and is typical of a Nikon camera. The 3.0 inch display is pretty sharp and bright and works well even outdoors. The only thing that’s missing is that the screen doesn’t articulate or even flip up for that matter. So if you’re planning to use it as vlogging camera, it won’t work. Now if you do plan to use it as a camera to shoot youtube videos, you can always connect an external monitor using the mini HDMi port on the left face. I’ll leave a link to an inexpensive monitor I recommend, right below the video. It doesn’t however come equipped with a mic jack, so you’re limited to using the built-in mono microphone. I also really appreciate that Nikon put the SD card slot on the side, as opposed to burying it in with the battery on the bottom. This makes it really easy to get the card out, especially if you have it mounted to a tripod. And as I always recommend, you really don’t want to cheap out on an SD card. Get a card that’s fast enough and reliable enough to work with this camera. I’ll leave a link to one I recommend, right below the video. The Nikon D3500 uses the EL-14a battery which is in this compartment on the bottom. And rather pleasantly, Nikon includes a standalone battery charger.


Aleksandar be together not the same says:

Perfect DSLR love it ❤

Willy Garcia says:

im a beginner and I want to use this camera ONLY to take pictures and videos of my american bully…. what settings would you recommend for me to leave it at for the best pictures possible? ( also plan on taking moving shots ) any tips or advice will be HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!

Sheena Aby says:

Bro plz tell that is this camera is good for vlogging

Madison Triplett says:

I got the app to work

Tourlink BD Ltd. says:

Very nice reivew

christon williams says:

I just brought the Nikon D3500 and I love it

Suresh Kashyap says:

Koi photographer batayega ki door ki photo lene ke liye koun sa lens lagana hai.

Adriana Does Yoga says:

Hello, I don't see the link to the external monitor. Can you please add that? Thanks!

Cyrus Chan says:

did you test the durability of batt on both pic and vid mode please?

Samantha D. says:

Perfect review! Thank you so much

Mikhayal Sunar says:

can i make short movie with this camera???

Pandamonium says:

Great deals in uk. But the AF focus issues on video put me off. Even the Nikon d5600 can't hold a candle to canon dual pixel AF

Chanelly says:

I was able to connect rhis to my smartphone and you can use your phone as a remote. That's awesome for when I travel and I want to take a photo of myself with a background. I don't have to rush with a self timer

Gabriel Puc says:

I have this camera and the auto focus is decent but you have to really learn the camera and know Aperture, shutter and iso and learn what everything does to really get the best use out of it and it is good for all types of photography and it really depends on the lens you have too

Safayat Ullah Sagor says:

Can the sound be taken using an adapter cable?

Michael Real says:

Soo I just got my first camera I got the canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR camera with 18-55 am lens and after watching this this one looks alot better smh the other one hasn't shipped yet but do you think I should return it for this one they're pretty much the same price?

K & L birdwatch says:

how do you transfer the videos to my phone or tablet please

Rosalinda G says:

This camera is going on sale for Black Friday and I’m wanting to purchase for my sons Graduation pictures. Would this be a good camera? My daughter also graduates next year. I figured I might as well buy a camera.

Nathaniel Feldman says:

I got the d3500 to pair in bluetooth and i remember it being a nightmare, till i figured it out it was actually easy. I forgot entirely what I did because the unnecessary frustration it brought made me forget what I did.

xyvistar says:

i take alot of photos and use the d3500 i think its a great camera and i could connect to snapbridge easily and download my photos onto my phone its a great camera for beginners

Priscilla Remonida says:

How much in Kuwait?

Aidz Asucan says:

Where's the link of the SD card you recommend? 🐈

OverLord Live says:

This is what we called the
#Best review ever on whole YouTube
It was just amazing. I have had like thousand of question and none left after watching.
Hats off man!!!! 👏👏👏

4040chocolate says:

Very helpful

Ash Gaming says:

I bought this DSLR Today

Joseph John Soreng says:

How to connect Bluetooth from D3500 to mobile or PC

Jordan Mack says:

In owning and using this camera I can attest that everything you mention is very much on point. Thank you for the video!

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