Nikon D3 digital SLR review by What Digital camera: Part 1

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Nikon D3 digital SLR camera review by What Digital Camera magazine: Part 2. Part two:

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Fotografia Juan Miguel says:

Nikon D3 clean…

Serena Geronimo says:

Hey! Have you had any luck with photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My friend Lauren made some very amazing photography with their photography tutorials.

goo850 Zaveir Jefferson says:

hahahahahahaha wut u record wit?

SuperKotaa says:

Hey in your rain water analogy of pixel sensitivity, you forgot to mention jam jars or coffee pots!……….hey or uummmmm oh oh! what about a tin of baked beans!….. giving margarine tubs all the publicity! you make me sick!

jailbird111 says:

@ranirani1976 obviously. but expensive pro camera is not all about sensor and circuit. its the rugged body, long life durability and compatibility with older lenses that makes them pro.

jailbird111 says:

@NO0Bstatus go for dx lenses nikon 10-24mm or sigma 10-20mm this will give you effective 15-36mm or 15-30mm FOV. so you will get almost same FOV and performance may be better because dx use center(sweet spot) of lens. but another big benefit for full frame sensor is low light performance that you can never get from crop sensor.

Sam Phillips says:

so if i get a nikon d5100 and then buy a full frame lense, i lose wide angle?

Cam365 says:

@linaandersonozog SPAM

Cam365 says:

@bymacorg6 SPAM

One Channel says:

better camera for better picture quality?

Uncaged says:

Why do so many ignoramuses feel the need to comment on these clips, for no other reason than showing off how vulgar and ignorant they really are!?

I always enjoy WDC reviews, been eying up used D3 models lately and it's great that these reviews are always here to check up on.

Matej Bilić says:

Why do you have all those cameras, and your video is in SD resolution??

Kevin says:

@SecretMisery haha megapixel myth mate, 10 megapixel D40 can print 45×30, megapixels in the end don't really matter as much as you think.

mglsotto says:

you talk too fast

KamikazeKoscki says:

@Aeris365 Nice!

thoeby says:

D3/D3s = best Cameras ever

residentflea says:

Nice review thx

KamikazeKoscki says:

Nikon D3 Digital SLR Camera – Body Only
12.1MP, 4256×2832, CompactFlash/Microdrive Card Slot – MPN: 25434
As low as $4,285.00 from goldenprice Rated out of 10 reviews

Description: The 12.1 effective megapixel D3 SLR Digital Camera features Nikon's FX-format CMOS sensor, measuring 23.9 x 36mm, which is nearly identical to the size of 35mm film. With the fastest startup time, shortest viewfinder blackout time, and shortest shutter lag of any digital SLR..

Duncan Mclaurin says:

so your old DX lenses work on the new Film FX sensor

S Mansel says:

Got mine in the post this morning. I havn't had chance to test it in the field yet but I've been messing about in doors and the low light shots are fantastic!!! If they ever manage to improve on this we wont be needing flashguns anymore lol. Awesome camera!

Pablo Trefftz Posada says:

If you have a 300mm lens on the camera, why would you turn the APS mode on to get a '450mm' lens? couldn't you just crop the image from full frame?

Guapwong says:

Thanks for correctly pronouncing the word Nikon!

perth45 says:

rose4usagi….thanks….it happened loads of times and I thought oh no…I've got a rogue camera here…especially as the 35-70 zoom lens WAS faulty and had to go back….but you are RIGHT…it WAS the bottom shutter………..

perth45 says:

Thanks for that….I bought one a few weeks ago so I'm just playing at the minute….one thing…the camera has functioned strangely a couple of times…taking pictures itself, with no contact made by myself….is this going to be a serious malfunction?…..

carlomac says:

Good detailed review, with good information. well done.

Timothy Maestas says:

no, if you put it to 12 mp size, that means that youre only using about half the sensor, it just turns off the rest of them.

Louis Vallance says:

lol, I bet someone's going reveal to people that the D3 has two card slots now that he mentions it!

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