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A review of my new compact camera the travel zoom Nikon S9100. A great zoom range of 25 – 400mm in a small compact body.


GamerxC 2001 says:

Do you recommend this camera for videoing ?

Manisha Patel says:

When I click photos it always blur 🙁

10h41Toys says:

I have the same camera, bought it from someone. All perfect, love everything about it besides one thing only, the video audio … the audio, microphone has a humming noise in the background, even if i don't say anything in the video the noise is still there. Could be the audio being bad on it, or my mic is faulty ? What can i do in this case ?

chelsgomes says:

I have it and the only thing bugging me about this camera is the video quality of it. Idk why but everytime I take a video (even with the lights turned on in my room) it still looks so dark! I wonder why. Could it be due to a setting I changed? Anybody can help me with this? The quality is amazing though. its really clear. Just the darkness of it..

Reg T says:

Great versatile camera I used every day with good results.  But, I found TWO faults, one major, one minor.

MINOR : no warning that battery is about to expire 
MAJOR : lens tubes are quite fragile when extended.  any grit getting on them will cause then to auto lock on retraction and issue a "Lens Errror" message.  Not easy to keep them completely clean.  Worse still if the lens is accidentally knocked off centre when extended.  It may never retract and cost of repair is prohibitive.  

I took thousands of pictures with mine but its now in the bin for that reason.
The thing is, do I still want to buy a Nikon S9500 knowing what I know now?

Dilly Vue says:

hi, you didnt meantance the battery life ?

AriR6R says:

is this still the best nikon compact digital camera out now?

derekf7798 says:

how long does one battery charge last

PussMag says:

Nike pronounce as Knike (one word) in many countries, so is Nikon

Angela Merkel says:

This or the s8200 and Why?

Takatime says:

it actually isn't. He pronounced it correctly.

AWhileHanlin says:

I compared this with the TZ20. I found this is better because it takes clearer shots in direct comparison being more balanced + gives a more desirable skin tone. One thing i like over the tz 20 is the abilty to have the flash on or of manually in auto. The tz 20 throws the flash more than needed washing out indoor pictures. the flash on this is out of fingers way and helps reduce red eye unlike the awkward position on tz20. Battery life is better in s9100.

john card says:

Its Nik-on in its home country Japan and the United Kingdom….

OutdoorGirl95 says:

Yea It took a while for me to get used to it but the camera turned out great for me. You can see my videos of it… It might be becasue I already droped the camera but when it is on Full time auto focous it gets shaky, blurry, and noisy. Not really a prob because I can just put it in Single and it works fine.

Glory Andy says:

whats the diff between s8100, s8200 and this one!? will there be s9200 in the future!? which one is the best!?

OutdoorGirl95 says:

@dylanestill Well I'm excited the camera sounds pretty good. I'm getting mine this 18th. Good thing you told me I don't need to go out and buy a larger memory cars bc I was about to ge the 32 or 64 gb. How bad does it shake when you zoom in?

Dylan Estill says:

@OutdoorGirl95 also I had said that it only takes like 30 min of video on a 16 gig card, I was way off. It takes 30 min clips so 16 gig should be sufficient.

Dylan Estill says:

@OutdoorGirl95 The quality of the photos I have taken are great, especially in low light situations. The optical zoom is one reason I got this camera, but let me tell ya the digital zoom on this thing is amazing. I took some pictures of the moon zoomed in all the way optically and they quality was great. I then zoomed in to the fullest with the digital zoom and the detail was out of this world for a camera in this price range.The battery life is good video kills it pretty quick though.

OutdoorGirl95 says:

@ISTHISANYGOODDOTCOM That's Good. I hope to take help the blur and shakiness with a tripod.


@OutdoorGirl95 Its a great camera . Not perfect but very good. It can be difficult to get good clear shots at the long end of the zoom due to motion blur

OutdoorGirl95 says:

@dylanestill About half of reviews anywhere critisized this camera for being blurry and I was hoping that they were just a bunch of photographer perfectionists. I'm not a professional or anything just want good quality photos/videos, especially outdoors. How long is your battery life?

Dylan Estill says:

@OutdoorGirl95 well I haven't had much time to put it through its paces, but I am very pleased so far. I did have a few pictures come out slightly blurry, but that was operator error i'm sure. Any camera can produce a blurry photo so the people bashing on this model may have just not learned to use it properly. All in all its totally worth the price. A tripod is my next purchase, even with good ISO it gets a bit shaky at full zoom.

OutdoorGirl95 says:

@dylanestill Yea if 16 gigs only gets you 30 mins of 1080p then I am going to need way more. How is the quality? I hear it blurs alot and you can only use a fraction of the pic's you actually took.

Dylan Estill says:

@OutdoorGirl95 just got my camera today and love it. You and def going to want a big memory card. I have a 16 gig and it only records like 30 min of 1080 video. Great camera though for a great price.

OutdoorGirl95 says:

@dylanestill Ditto. On Besy Buy it is on sale for $178!!! No camera that price will be 1080 full hd, 921k reso, and 18x zoom!!! Presidents day is electronics sale day in case nobody knew that.

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