Nikon Coolpix S8200 Digital Camera Review

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Nikon Coolpix S8200 Digital Camera Review.

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Amy Thomas says:

My friend in California is sending me one of these for my Birthday this month. Thanks for the video.

PROJAIN vlogs says:

how to pause a video while recording

Oscar says:

I’m also looking at buying one

Oscar says:

Thanks for responding and yeah it does handle 1080p perfect but it’s not perfect it’s not full HD which is what I ment it’s only 720p so yeah

Oscar says:

i cant even take advantige of the 1080p because i have macbook air and its 720p

丸刈り says:

very good reviews with clear explanation. Thank you for posting.

Hill Dweller says:

Is there a Manual mode? Or an option to choose AF points?

memyselfandeye3 says:

i have deleted a favorate picture from my nokia coolpix camera by accident by pressing the video record button, is it possible to recover the original picture, a card reader perhaps, your help is greatly appreciated, and have just subscribed to you today, thanks.

Thusitha Nuwan says:

I got this camera and I am very pleased with the picture quality. One thing to notice though is the flash. Sometime it gets on the way when taking photos.

tom peter says:

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