Nikon Coolpix P900 VS Canon 1300D DSLR Camera Comparison

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DSLR Camera Comparison

Nikon P900 VS Canon 1300D Camera Comparison,
Nikon P900 VS Canon 1300D Camera Test,
Nikon P900 VS Canon 1300D Camera Review,
Nikon P900 VS Canon 1300D Camera Fight,
Nikon P900 VS Canon 1300D Camera Sample,

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yoichi franck says:

Man the Nikon P900 is awesome

Seiboi Guite says:

shit..p900 is point and shoot.

Subhra Goswami says:

nikon p900 is not a dslr was clearly seen that nikon d7200

Yoichi franck says:

Nikon P900 much better than the 1300d canon

SR Millar says:

You fool😡😡😡😡😡

yoichi franck says:

Nikon Coolpix the best

prashant saini says:

Both pics were shot by same camera. Fake video. P900 can't give that much depth of field at all.

El Gato Panciotto says:

P900 is over saturated

Travis Douglas says:

I'll. Take anyone don't matter

jbnOracle says:

The most stupid comperison ever

Franck Yoichi says:

WOW i was thinking to buy an 1300d or d3400 but i thinks is better if i buy another P900

franck matt says:

Great photos best teleZOMM what more can we ask

franck matt says:

Thanks a lot I bought a Nikon P900 and not a Canon 1300d

mia mia says:

Nikon P900 Takes Better Photos COOL

yoichi franck says:

yeah Baby Nikon P900 is the best

kido tatsuhiko says:

P900 clear winner

Adrian Penn says:

That's not a Coolpix P900!!!


1300d dummy

Barasat Crazy Boys says:

Canon thanks for video

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