Nikon Coolpix P900 – REVIEW

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Nikon Coolpix P900 with photo samples and review


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The Alterlion says:

I want a camera for occasional vacation photography. How are photos without that much zoom. I’m coming from a Canon EOS 400D+250mm lens

Eric says:

Bought one after your review. Subscribed do to your calm, mature tone and i formation rich presentation.

Uriel Entertainment says:

What about Nikon p1000 also thanks for the great reviews

bigbangnone says:

No video……No buy.

Ionut Nebiliac says:

Hey…you applied this piece of white paper on bottom to see not it's made in Indonesia…or why ?😠

S T A R says:

perfect camera when you're going to a concert. like if you agree😉

Bluebox Entertainments says:

asian made asian reviewed good job asians

jacktheripped says:

I have a L 840 and I think I'm getting the P 1000 because of the 24 megapixel plus an even larger lens…that or a D 3400 DSLR….

Gary Gavina says:

2018,anybody still recommend this or something similar? Thank you.

Windbandit says:

I have this camera and it’s only good for far shots up close it’s horrid

Michael Manjin says:

Could you do a review of the newer Nikon P1000 125X zoom?

Jeremy Kirkpatrick says:

sure it has a good zoom but its still just a mid to low market hobbyists camera nothing that special except I have heard that people who believe in the flat earth regularly jerk off all over them

Freshtex Blackman says:

Fattards favorite camera!

Hopeworld says:

I think I will buy this for my mom. I hope the tripod thing wont be too much of a hassle but I will buy it later if it really, really needs it.

BeeBee's Funtastic Adventures says:

Nice job, thanks.

Money master 5041 says:

this camera have gps?

Atiq Khan says:

please help me to know how to blur the back ground without disturbing the front object……

Arabella Davis/Tried &True. says:

2018: This camera is sick, I love it. 😉

TruthSeeker says:

The flat earthers ultimate weapon.

Amjad Khan says:

is ke price kitni hy

Takuan says:

'The photos came out really nice??' You need an appointment with an optometrist! A monstrous piece of junk with a tiny low image quality sensor. Any self respecting photo enthusiast will shake his (her) head in disbelief. I thought these days pretty much all cameras are of fairly decent quality. Well, this a glaring exception! This Nikon is just a one trick pony and bad at that. You made it looking decent but I don't trust Your judgement. Any phone camera makes better photos bar the reach.

Vignesh Periyakaruppan says:

Is it still a Best buy right now?

Video man says:

Have you ever had a problem with the camera tripod mount breaking?

Daniel Jackson says:

No video of you actually zooming in on the workers? I think you faked it

WHO IS BEST? says:

There should be at least 8 X Optical Zoom in phones 🙁

V WorldWide says:

So can you shoot YouTube videos with this cam?

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