Nikon Coolpix P900 Review – Digital camera with a mega zoom !

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Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) The Nikon Coolpix P900 has a crazy long zoom that’s the equivalent of a 2000mm lens on a 35mm camera.

00:02 – Hardware overview
01:48 – Display screen overview
02:28 – Functions and settings overview
04:19 – Zoom demonstration with video
07:06 – Still photo performance and sample shots
07:57 – Low light (3200 ISO) sample shot
08:08 – Video recording pause feature
08:55 – Wifi and mobile app demonstration
11:14 – Conclusion and Final Thoughts

The zoom on this camera is practically in telescope territory. It’s crazy long, and is far beyond any other bridge camera out in the market currently. The single lens on this camera goes as wide as 24mm too, so it’s incredibly versatile.

Part of how it’s able to get such a long optical zoom is due to its small image sensor’s crop factor. So the image quality will not be in the same league as more expensive digital SLR cameras but you will get a much more versatile lens in exchange for that image quality hit.

That said the camera does take some very nice, sharp photos when the lens gets into its sweet spot at around 150-300mm. I have some sample photos and videos in my review.

Video quality is decent although the zooming does introduce a lot of jitter into the video. It’s not very smooth. Auto-focus is a lot slower than what you might find on a camcorder. Recordings are limited to about 30 minutes in 30 fps mode at 1080, and about half that length in 60 fps mode.

All in all it’s a decent bridge camera that offers a ton of versatility. It’s not as good as an SLR but an SLR also doesn’t have this range of zoom.

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Jim Pearce says:

Mostly a review on zoom and app….not much on function and settings of camera!!!

DONALD DiNaro says:

P900 has unique feature: Moon, Star trails, 120FPS lightning mode and MF control @ 2000mm, it does have a slow photo transfer procedure using WMU app.


Can we click photo in between video shooting?

DSP Blacker says:

6:13 that sharpness 🍾

Sarah Corbit says:

I love my camera!!!!

Joe Castro says:

thanks i have one and for my preference is great . i get to see the moon. which is an incredible lens

Grabowsky Andi says:

Sehr gut vielen Dank für die Lehre

theres another way but some people wont seek it says:

I bouggt this as my starter camera.. I had cheapie ones before this 1

ronald ferreira says:

cant use focus from the side

ronald ferreira says:

cant use bird mode cause pan dont work

ronald ferreira says:

how do i focus does the screen need to be closed

Michael Caplan says:

Thank you for your honesty I have been watching these reviews for a while from different people and not one of them except you pointed out that at full zoomthe image is soft. I'm watching p900 reviews because I am considering the new p1000. But if it's as soft as the 900 at full Zoom I don't think so

Vali Vali says:

Flat earth camera.

Stanislav Pashkulev says:

I own one and it is super fun to use with this zoom

Christopher Carpenter says:

Great video it shows a lot


So if I was to record a time lapse video I would only get 30mins worth

George Coleman says:

Back button focus?

flint says:

just was watching ure vid here, and was serprise wen i seen that SLR hut site just bought the p900……..
and i subscribed to your channel great job m8

William Kiely says:

Thank you.Great review.

Prakash Patro says:

Sir plz suggest should we go for B700 or P900?

Gilad Ash says:

Nikon Cool Pix P900 , UltraZoom : 83X – 8000X

Bobby says:

Great review! Could you explain how you changed the side Zoom to focus instead? Thanks a lot 🙏🏼

angelbby says:

I can't get mine to focus when I'm zoomed all the way out or close to all the way out. Can anyone help?

Bhanudas Sonawane says:

Hi Sir,….wud u plz tell me how to set auto iso in manual mods in p900 ?? my images are black

Mick Shannon says:

I have just bought the p900 and I can transfer/upload my pictures but not the videos. Can you help please?

Zeeshan Nasir says:

good review

gregistopal says:

Bridge camera? Dude fuck off that thing has the equivalent of a lense 2 feet long that costs 2000 dollars

Joana Medina says: i need to buy extra battery for this it ok if i buy the cheap ones?what would you advic

Kansas 2y5 says:

Can anyone tell me if you can time lapse on this camera?

mustafa camcı says:

great review

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