Nikon Coolpix P1000 Review: The Biggest Compact Camera Ever

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The P1000 is the least compact compact I’ve ever seen! It takes amazing moon photos, but I found it wasn’t so great for much else.

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Rajen Bhatt says:

Can you take a picture while shooting video simultaneously?

Les The Great says:

Your boyfriend is amusing

Wonkabar007 says:

I mainly bought the P1000 as a video camera with amazing powerful zoom, it’s nice that I can take photos with it also.

Marcus Webb says:

Heyyyyy!!!! What if I'am PAPARAZZO?????
Hey when you up arms you show Wet Tshirt …under arms i disgusted!!!! Hahaaaaa
I will not buy Nikon P1000 ….But you try be dry….

Scott's Speaker and Camera Reviews says:

I wish I lived house with a great view and had this set on a tripod like a telescope.

Dragon Design says:

Thanks for explaining .. I bought this camera a few months ago,

  I think about this huge zoom, the price is good. And because I work as a graphic designer little touches on Photoshop are enough to make amazing images with this camera

Here some pics with my p1000 on my Instagram

Bene C says:

Great review so you didn't have the camera there and lost some photos and sound still a great review yep too heavy for me this and the P2500 were in the final list with the Canon sx70hp ad the M50 and I got to play with them at my local camera store, read every report on them tried them again and bought the M50. Agree for specialist moon or birds or things that far away you have to change postcodes it was great but too heavy thanks stay safe see ya

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