Nikon Coolpix P100 Digital Camera Review

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The Nikon Coolpix P100 Digital Camera is a bridge camera, somewhere in between a compact and a digital SLR. In this video I give you a tour around the features and share my opinion. Includes photo and video examples taken with the P100.

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abby Anderson says:

Excellent presentation but how many pixels?

Justin Lad says:

How can I record live when connected to a tv with hdmi cord?

Namita says:

Is it a good beginner camera for video shooting in the year 2018?

Happy Potato says:

Is this still a good starter camera in 2018?

FlugzeugKanal says:


ItsAlyssa Barruos says:

Is there a way to see how much battery power is left while using it?

Felipe Trindade says:

This camera has an automatic exposure compensation feature. How do I turn it off?

Jasmine Marsh says:

Do you know if this could be used as a webcam somehow?

Damon A says:

Can you change the frame rate?

Kinning Cycles says:

Thanks great help.

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