Nikon Coolpix L810 Full Review – 16.1 MP Point & Shoot Camera

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Manuel Aguilar says:

2020 and i still use this camera 👏🏻

GrumpyTinashe says:

One final question. Just bought mine second a week ago and in video recording mode it's showing record time of 16 mins. Is that normal? My Fujifilm would show recording time of 30 mins. I'm worried. Thanks

Jennifer Boyd says:

2019 and I still use this model.. 🙂

Randi Behrends says:

Thanks for the video. <3

tushar223 says:

I want to record videos on this camera but it has got a time limit in it .. how do I turn it off?

hi villege says:

Video epti bro

SLSON says:

It always says battery exhausted

Amarjeet SɩŋGʜ says:

How to blur background with this

Brian Holt says:

Can anyone tell me if i can remove the lens to this camera?

Maria Angelive says:

Very nice video,good job! Have you figured out how to shoot with the 3D option? because I'm having the same problem ><

J.R. Games says:

who do I take out the repose mod

cute cute says:

Best video qwality and long shooting….very nice..

Kartik Poply says:

Nice camera nice review nice voice bur ugly hands😂😂

hubz caps says:

70D canon is better yo

hubz caps says:

shit sucks i own 1

SuperNinja66 says:

$13,500? you can get it in CeX for $110

Paras Singh says:

what is the capacity of external memory?

Florencia Ho says:

shame you didn't show us any of the footage taken from the camera

Angela Alay says:

Does this camera work for makeup photography?

Kellerman says:

How do I use flash in a video?

Kelly DesRochers says:

Can someone please tell me how to get the red timer button to turn off, I have been trying to get it off forever- it's on the middle right side of the camera and it fashes on and off. Thank you.

Kelly DesRochers says:

Need more light on the camera, so we can see where your fingers are going- also need to speak a little slower. Thanks for sharing info.

Nguyễn Thắng Channel says:

Help me scene menu

Nguyễn Thắng Channel says:

Help me to option ! English > other

Casey Fogarty says:

Is there an external microphone input?

Abby Dimery says:

i bought this for £60 

BalkanGaming says:

make a givaway!!!!!!!

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