Nikon Coolpix L26 16mp camera review Point and shoot

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Wanda Howard says:

Hello Lee, Have you ever used the Pentax 80-320 4.5-5.6 if you have one? Thanks

Alex Ramos says:

I own a bunch of CCD Powershots: G10, sd990 IS and a3300is. I run the CHDK mod on a couple of them to enable RAW capture. Good times… I should use them a bit more.

Chicago John says:

Nice review! I picked up some Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoots I modified for infrared, but I liked the camera so much I kept some unmodified. I have never particularly liked using my cell phone for photography, and a camera this size is great, as you say, because it'll fit in a pocket and you can always have it available. And they take surprisingly good pictures, as illustrated by the ones you shared.

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