Nikon COOLPIX Digital Camera Review

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Review of a Nikon COOLPIX S4100 compact digital camera.
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Other similar COOLPIX models are: S6300, S4300, S3300, S3100. Update 5/10/12: To find out why I’m getting rid of this camera, see my new video “Nikon COOLPIX Review – I’ve Had Enough!” @

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Manoj reddy says:

My Nikon coolpix s4100 has zooming error please help me

Einar K says:

Don't upgrade the firmware:

P47 Thunderbolt says:

I got one used but it didn't come with wall outlet plug.
Does it charge ok using USB ?

Zeeshan Sk - life style says:

is it support microphone

Bikash Dutta says:

I can't use this camera as webcam please help

Melvin Hermann Channel says:

Not the camera I'm going to get but good review.

uluvv_kimmy says:

no picture sample????

S Duke says:

Well done. Have you tried Closeup stop motion? I"m trying to capture rain splashing. Do you think that this is an option with this little guy?

LPS Candi says:

got that camera 😀

MsZomar1 says:

how do u charge the battery?

Braishna Rasul says:

It's purple

Aaron Randall says:

y sound recorded in mono?

Dilly Vue says:

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Suraj Shrestha 1 month ago
that tells us nothing. The "i" can be pronounced as the "i" in ski, or bird, or

Dilly Vue says:

. YouUser

EWS66013 6 months ago Reply · ..
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u114487 8 months ago

helped me out

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