Nikon Coolpix B500 vs. DSLR Camera (Comparison of Point & Shoot and DSLR Cameras) | Sonika Agarwal

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Here am I comparing my Nikon Coolpix B500 with a DSLR camera. I know DSLRs are way better than my #pointandshoot, but I have tried my best! :1

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Technical Gaurav says:

Please review nikon p1000 vs p900

Dileep D says:

I would like to purchase a new camera ..which one is best DSLR Or Point Shoot camera

Blue Tv ph says:

I love ur b500 camera sonika..haha

TalkToIgën says:

Pls stop talking like that in tge intros

Saran Kumar says:

Please translate into english in comment🙏

marcozg77 says:

A DSLR is a system. If you decide to go with a DSLR, you have to be aware that the camera body is only the beginning. You need additional lenses to unfold the full potential of the camera system.
This adds to total weight, volume and cost. It is also time consuming. Above entry level, DSLR offer great manual control – but for that to use, you need to learn the very basics of photography; if you only know the automatic mode, manual controls won't help you much. And to get the most out of your Raw files, you need a lot of time, and you also need to learn how to process these files.
IF you are willing to go this way (which I did), IF and ONLY IF you are willing to learn and continue to learn and work on your skills, then you will be rewarded with great images as the DSLR is an extremely powerful tool IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT RIGHT. But then it is a hobby, rather than just "I'll have my cam with me, so just in case i see something, i can take a picture". However, it really might not be the right thing for EVERYONE.
The b500 looks like a great tool. You can do a lot with such a camera. It's versatile, but in another way than a DSLR is: its versatility comes from its small size and little weight.
That means you can take it anywhere, but still have much more power than with a smartphone.
I had a look at your b500 playlist and as I live in a very touristy area I see tons of people with DSLRs regurarly, and I can say:
You are maybe getting better results with your b500 because you go to the limit of what this camera offers, you really seem to be willing to learn, and to shoot.
While I see many tourists carrying heavy gear, just to show off, they use the crappy kit lenses and are shooting standard objects in a standard way – boring.

Md Zahad Hasan says:

Compare b500 vs p500 please

Terry Media says:

Cvghgxyd? Vhkjjkuntulmu

Stephanie Macias says:

How can I make my coolpix snap faster it take a while to take a picture and I have it on auto


Nice video.

Sujith k k says:

You forgot to compare zooming capabilities between dslr kit lenses and b500's built in lens as well the cost of telephoto lenses of dslr . It would also be better to explain the battery backup , memory expansion capacity and battery charging time

Himanshu Vashistha says:

What to buy nikon b500 vs canon 3000D vs Note7pro??

Anjan Mondal says:

Didi where do you live?

Bad Boy says:

Kya is ma aperture mood hai?

Apurba Kalita says:

I have a Nikon B500. Its a very good product

syed Rehan says:

I'm using coolpixB500 black colour…the best #camera ever..please ,,,,visit my Instagram Syed mallik rehan

I.P. Memorial School says:

How did you use your phone without touching it?


Main canon 1300d ya nikon b500 main bohut confusion hun,pls suggest me,and one more think is,nikon b500 main pictures blur mode main aati hain?

ankur meena says:

Iske sample photos pr video bnao naa


Im fast buy camera but confusing what i should canon 1300d or nikon b500?? Pls tell me

Ian Rice says:

I don't want to Change lenses. You brought up a great point for me. Now I really want the b500.

Tube Tab says:

Can it autofocus, when recording video?

Sourav Kundu says:

Ai camera te Memory card na rill thake…?

Ame Ishan says:

Which 1 is best now b500 or sx430 Canon??

pranav js says:

Confusion….being a student,money is not a promised constrain ,which may or may not available next year.this year ,for onam,i got 10k from relatives for cloth purchase.i can some how manage to get 5k more,from my mother and my collection. I need a camera with a good sensor,and want very good pictures. I dont think i can afford a lens if i buy a dslr,since its 6-7k for cheaper one..but i heard that,dslr has better sensor comparing the point and shoot,but as i said,now i cant afford above 15k. Even if the canon 3000d is available for 20k,i'm 5k far from it….please suggest,what to do,a dslr or nikon b 500? Portability is also a constrain,but i need a better sensor and images….help pls

harp Mehta says:

Mam muje personal photography ke liye camera lenaa ye camera achaa hai photography ke liye

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