Nikon COOLPIX B500 Hands-On and Opinion

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Looking for a simple camera with a huge focal length range? I had some hands-on time with the Nikon B500 40x super zoom camera. Pretty average, but has a few unusual features. As bridge cameras go, this is a somewhat entry level model. Sample photos and videos (4k):

Get the Nikon Coolpix B500 here through my links:
Used on KEH (Black):
Used on KEH (Red):
Used on KEH (Plum):

Or consider the newer Nikon COOLPIX B600 Digital Camera here:
My video:
Used on KEH:

Or consider my suggested starter camera. It’s no super zoom, but has a large sensor, interchangeable lenses, and a lot more features:

Thanks to Camera Craft for allowing me to record at their shop:

Interested in how video works in practice? See two of Jay Littleton’s videos here:

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suavestxraulx says:

estaria bien que sacaras alguna foto para ver que tal pero bueno

Rebeca Braiț says:

For beginner it's ok? The first camera photo for me

calin ioan banciu says:

What about the dials? What are the manual options? Everybody's talking only about zoom, zoom, zoom. Nothing else. Why?

Dafiox 2 says:

I have Panasonic lumix dmc ls60😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Scott, I want a camera that is great at taking detailed pictures up close. You mentioned that this camera has a good zoom lens. How detailed can I expect my pictures to be if I use the zoom lens on this camera? Thankyou for your video in advance!

Jason Levesque says:

My son bought me a Coolpix B500 for filming outdoors videos. I really like it, but the audio is horrible! Indoors, 5 ft from the camera, speaking in a normal active voice I can barely hear it on the playback? I have not hooked to a computer yet to edit and splice, will that change it? Is there a mic I can buy for it? If anyone knows, please advise.

Shobha Rs says:

Hi, can I do live streaming on Facebook with this camera? If so, please tell me how?

kido tatsuhiko says:

cool review would you recommended me this camera or A 1000 for video i mean maximun zoom videos

Putri Nabila Channel says:

Amazing camera nikon coolpix B500, nice to meet you

Sajeed SK says:

What is the brand of rechargeable battery?

Goblin Gammer says:

You're just mad because it's better than your camera

Stella1027 says:

Does my smartphone with 48mp take better photos than this camera??(i have a Coolpix b500 and i am thinking about giving or putting to sold)

Lauraqueen F says:

Can you recommend the best camera for taking pictures of products or objects in a position, I don't really need much zoom, just the to take pictures of products to sell online. Thanks

Gabriel F says:

i can get it now for 130€, do u think its worth it?

MFG Tv says:

Can u add flash attachments. I have b600?

ผมก็แค่ อยากมีเพื่อน says:

I need nikon coolpix b500

minerva aceves says:

Fock yeaaaaaa

Dont know what im doing says:

would this be a good camera for beginners? or should i be looking for another…?

Anuj Rai says:

Can I change the lens

John Portman says:

Does this camera have shutter remote option

Susan Banks says:

This is a good beginners camera. One that they can learn from. Next time don’t be so negative about it. I have used mine a lot and the pictures are not bad at all.

Lajos Bagoly says:

Magyar nyelven szertném a bemutatását!

ColeHQ says:

How do you record slow motion?

Dan Friedman says:

Good job! Just bought one. You can pick them up at very low prices now. Do you happen to know if the batteries can be charged in the camera? Thanks

cole8161 cole8161 says:

I have the camera but can you attach extra camera zoom equipment?

Assam explore says:

Sir can l able to edit the video taken by this camera in redmi note 5..or laptop is compulsory.

Zero says:

Hi, I want to buy a camera, but i don't know which one is better for me. I'm not a photographer, I just like to take photos. My options in mind are: Nikon b500, Canon sx420 or the sx530, the Minolta mn35z, and, something a lot different, the Canon EOS t6. I hope someone could help me choose one.

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