Nikon COOLPIX B500 Digital Camera (RED) – Honest Review

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Nikon CoolPix B500 Digital Camera – Excellent Price

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As per the Nikon Website which states;
‘Expand the boundaries of everyday photography with the 16-megapixel COOLPIX B500, fitted with a high performance 40x optical zoom*1 and 80x Dynamic Fine Zoom*2. See the world from new angles with a flexible 3-inch tilting LCD monitor and share it all with SnapBridge, a new feature that connects the camera to your smart device. Experience these powerful features in a compact size.’

FAQ About Me: Matt Andersen – YouTuber

When & Where were you born?

I was Born on the 12 June 1987 in Durban, South Africa

What is Your Heritage:

My mother’s father was French and my Fathers Heritage was from Norway.

How old are you?


Where do you Live?

Brisbane, Australia

Do you Support the Wallabies?


Do you have a University Degree?

Yes- Bacherlor of Regional & Town Planning from the University of Queensland

What is your channel about?

Mainly Entreprenurual & Lifestyle content delivered in a coaching format and also some vlogging

What is your favorite hobby?


How long have you been doing YouTube?

2 Years-

What Type of Camera Do you Use?

Nikon CoolPix B500 Digital Camera

What is your Goal for YouTube in 2018?

Grow my influence and help, motivate and inspire 1000’s of people.

Which three Cryptocurrency Coins are you Hodling Long Term?

Ripple, Tron & Dent –

How to Purchase Bitcoin Simply?

Favorite Books?

1 The Slight Edge, Jeff Olsen –
2. Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki –
3. 3 Seconds- The Power of Thinking Twice, Zondervan –

Favorite Surfer?

Kelly Slater –


Estella Wilson Creations says:

Walmart has it now for $226

Teck Rylee says:

Good video just kinda hard to hear you

Bak3d Fr1jole says:

I might get this camera n a bundle with other things up for 216$,im going to get it forsure now,thanks for this video

Carlos Ramos says:

Nice vid. If anybody is interested in the quality of video this camera captures, feel free to check out some of the vids on my channel. 🙂

EPICMAN2058 says:

a couple questions:

what would you rate the photo quality in both low and high light 1-10

how well is the quality of the photos zoomed in 1-10

would you recommend this camera for an amateur photographer because I've been using my phone for all my photos but I need a step up

La negra says:

Is this camera actually good


How much time I can shoot vedio ?

N1l0c says:

I also have this camera but I don't really like the image quality.. 🙁 I might be too stupid to take good pictures but I watched dozens of tutorials and tried it like 100 times.

Libby hunt 11 says:

I have the same camera 📷 🎥

Pearly Pearl says:

Is this camero good for vídeo too?

Abdullah Alam says:

I don’t actually know how to take a photo with this camera every time I try to take one, a red colour comes out and never saves the photo and the flash doesn’t work why it like that please tell me how to use it 😭

Louis Permel says:

Hi ,, what gimbal you recommend will work nicely with the Nikon B500?

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