Nikon Coolpix A900: Review with samples

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Little, but powerful camera from Nikon. But is it worth the price? Is it worth buying over Nikon Coolpix B700 or DSLR? I’ll try to answer those questions.

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Isla says:


Anita Whitney (DCHD) says:

How do you set the time and date on the camera

Pär Nordqvist says:

Very noisy camera. I am disappointed. You get noise already at ISO 800 or even lower.

John Workman says:

This camera is not good. iPhones take better pics, don’t waste your money.

Carlos Fernandez says:

Now the camera is sold by almost half of the original MSRP. It's a good buy for 237€!

Θανάσης Δασκαλάκης says:

Hi!! Im New to your channel and i am really enjoying your videos..Its time for me to choose a good camera.. I really like to take photos in the nature, such us trees, buildings and landescapes too plus i really like to take photos at night time ..What camera would you advice me to buy that fits me. Im willing to pay around 350- 380 euros. Would you advice me for a dslr or a compact camera Base to what i said earlyer and which one!!.. Thanks for your time

John Paro says:

I like the video, but the music is repetitive and annoying

Judy Eyelandgirl says:

Thank you! Great review. I do wish you had shown me how easily it fits into a pocket… that's the convenience I'm wanting in a little point n shoot! Thank you again.

Hope says:

Does it auto focus? I'm used to my dslr and I'm thinking of getting one of these for vlogging

Choco Cat says:

I appreciate the review but I still can't decide whether I should buy this or entry level DSLR. But your review was very good thankyou

Winston Kenyon says:

I am still not sure B700 or A900. I travel alot and i'm not sure if I should get the a900 because it is alot smaller and easier to get out on the go. What do you reckon?
Do you guys think the B700 is a bit to big to vlog with and carry around?

volim volim says:

But phone pictures (all of them suck) and the awhile idea is not to lug bulky cameras such as d3400. Most people want small especially when traveling, going outside etc. Thus smaller wins any day even though you get more for less $ with bulky cameras but those are just not fun to carry.

Roulette Dan says:

You choose Nikon coolpix a900 or Nikon b500. ($50 difference)😕


How about battery life?

College Cab says:

Молодец, отличный ревю!

Devaporchef Indonesia says:

Compact, lovely design, just it.. but depend on your need indeed😊👍

Mikele Konstanty Fiedorowicz IV says:

gówno ta kamera

WeKKY. TEcHY. Pd says:

Hello good day Friends support and SUBSCRIBe now OK bye 🙂👍

Asian Guy says:

The Huawei P20 Pro can take better picture than this camera.

BizzyOutlaw says:

very ncie and useful review! greetz from germany!

LoneDire _Wolf says:

This or the sony hx90v?

《Deadly Hallows》 says:

Which one is better
B700 or A900 ??

Emilia Joy says:

does anyone know how the a900 works on concerts? can you imagine that it makes nice shots, which are sharp and not blurred?

47th Chakra says:

I brought this to shoot music video's with primarily. Did i fuck up?

Dara Morningstar says:

Your accent sounds like polish idk is it true lmao

patrick armitage says:

Great review. You show actual examples of what you like and don't like, excellent. Most reviewers are just talking heads and you don't know if they are accurate or not. The close up video is so useful it is as if I am holding the A900 in my hands while watching this on my tablet. Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

Fairness Believer says:

Problem is that it has no flash.

Ron Meade says:

clear and concise – thanks!

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