Nikon CoolPix A900 Review and 4K Video Test

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Nikon Coolpix A900 Review and 4K Video Test
Link to Nikon Coolpix A900 (Silver):
Link to Nikon Coolpix A900 (Black):
Batteries and Charger for Nikon A900:
SD Card for Nikon Coolpix A900:
Today I’m looking at Nikon Coolpix A900 point-n-shoot camera. Now unlike most point and shoot cameras, the Nikon A900 comes with a larger sensor for better image quality and because of that, a heftier price tag. At first glance, the Nikon Coolpix A900 is a pretty good looking camera with a mix of metal and plastic parts making up its body. It’s currently available in two colors: black and silver. I am testing the silver version today, but I’ll leave links to both colors below. The Nikon A900 has a Nikkor 35X zoom lens which tucks itself compactly back into the camera body once you turn of the camera. The Nikon Coolpix A900’s rubberized front grip isn’t very deep and I do wish Nikon had made it a bit deeper. However, since it isn’t very heavy or bulky, it’s actually pretty comfortable to shoot with, even with one hand. It has all its major buttons and dials on top, with a zoom toggle built around the shutter button. The top surface also has a popup flash built into it. The buttons on the rear face are also pretty well laid out with the video record button placed such that you can easily hit record. And this is important since the A900 records 4K video. More about the 4K video quality in a bit. The Nikon A900’s main interface and viewfinder is this 3” LCD which doesn’t just flip over for selfies and vlogs, but can also hinge outwards, so you can take shots at almost any position. You can take pictures and videos of things taller than you and even take shots of things much lower than you. Rather surprisingly though, it isn’t a touchscreen and I really do miss having a touchscreen to touch and focus on objects or scroll through menus. Despite this, the menus are pretty easy to access and everything is exactly where you’d expect to find it. The Nikon A900 is powered by this battery that lives in a compartment on the bottom. Nikon doesn’t provide a standalone battery charger to charge the batteries and instead provides a micro usb cable and wall adapter to charge the battery inside the camera. I am not a big fan of this, because over time, the usb port wears out and you’ll find it hard to charge the camera. If you do get the Nikon A900, I recommend buying a standalone charger and spare batteries, so you can pop a new battery in when your battery runs out of juice. I’ll leave a link to a battery charger and spare batteries below, in case you’re looking to buy one. The SD card also lives inside this little compartment. And when it comes to SD cards I recommend using a card with at least a UHS Class 3 rating, if you plan to shoot 4K videos. Again, if you’re looking to buy one, I’ll leave a link to the one I recommend, right below this video. The Nikon A900 can also be mounted to a tripod, if you need to do that. And you can also connect the camera to a TV, using the micro hdmi connector on the side.

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john mark gordon says:

this camera is for the telephoto of 840mm equivalent which the phone do not have or the other camera you are recommending..

Anthony Jide says:

I find using the flash light difficult, cuz it doesn't always flash it's light whenever you want to use it…

EdgeAL says:

How is the battery life like?

1,000 Subscriber without videos for a Burger says:

Canon sx730hs or Nikon a900?

Rawad Berro says:

Helpful video 🙂 thanks

Mayank Raghav says:

So which one will u recommend Nikon A900 or Sony Cyber shot DSC WX500 main for vlogging and little bit for photography ?

Day Hop says:

The app worked on my android

svtrader says:

Which point 'n shoot has best zoom capablilities?

worldromer says:

Got a refurbished model for $220. Took it on a two month trip to 13 countries often using a selfie stick. Camera is awesome. You did miss some major featurers. I used the 35X optical zoom very often. The ability to put the camera on the ground or over head can result in unique pix. While cell phones are fine for selfies they are often difficult to set up, dropped screens, adjustment modes etc. This camera was ready to go in any mode from a 35x zoom shot and then in seconds to great selfies both still and video. Big thumbs up!


I need a microphone for this camera please help

000jimbojones000 says:

Even if you have a iphone or a samsung. Nothing beats the 35xoptical zoom of the point and shootcam. Phones just cant zoom optical that the biggest disadvantage of any phone cam.

Roulette Dave says:

Seen and heard Nothing but bad reviews

De Evolve says:

ZOOM factor can't be compared to a smart phone. If I was to buy this … it would solely be for a the zoom factor in a compact body. That said I am currently looking at the Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70/TZ90 Shoots in RAW … Jps are not that good though.

nikitadanel says:

3:50 but this camera is a vloging camera is not for pictures

Fortnite Gamer says:

Dude…I’m buying the canon power shot 730hs

منوعات-وعجائب 2018 says:


Jimmy D says:

Thank you for comparing the pictures from the Nikon to the iPhone. That's really what I was wondering about. Great review video!

minhai jin says:

this cameras zoom is much better than sony rx10m4?

Rebecca says:

Hey I know this video was a while ago, but I was wondering if there is ANY possible way to use a mic with this camera?

Samuel Levy says:

love you daddy

hawaiian chicken says:

Thanks for this review! Would u recommend me to use this camera or canon m10? I wanna focus more in video than photo thank you 😉 also is the video that recorded from this camera shaky and how’s the audio sounds?

Rob MDS says:

Can this has input for external mic??

judck says:

Where's the bracketing in this camera? I cant find it in the camera or in the manual…

Codymc1497 says:

I'm currently using this as a vlog camera and I could not ask for more out of a vlog camera like this it is absolutely amazing despite the screen being prone to scratch a lot, but either way great review on a great camera!

Petr Antoš says:

Hi, if you have it still, can you please check the flash pull-up? On mine it seems that pulling it up blocks the flash switch so it in fact doesnt fire … one nice feature it has for this size is night sky/stars light composition in one scene mode, where it combines all very low light shots on tripod to final image (for 2hrs makes 10 JPGs but each is composed of 30 compositions and the final one contains everything – nice star trails; but no raw a quite slow lens)

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