Nikon COOLPIX A1000 Full Review and Unboxing Video with all tests but 4K

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My next camera upgrade from the Nikon Coolpix S9700. I tried to go through everything I could to give you the most detailed review of the camera as I could. I hope this information can help you in the future if you ever do get one or interested in one.
If you have any questions, please let me know below.

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Nikon COOLPIX S9700 Full Review and Unboxing Video with all tests.

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Pamela Newton says:

Can you do the back lighting on star trails or the milky way in time lapse or when taking a photo at night?

Pamela Newton says:

Can't you disable the view finder or turn it to off? I think you can in the settings, so you can only view through the monitor. You don't have to worry about accidentally toggling it on back and fourth.

sam sam says:

A1000 vs hx99

dave leooo says:

my coolpix s9100 records 720p 60fps in slow motion for 30*seconds. when i replay the video its *60 seconds long thats great.
Does the a1000 at least record for — 30 seconds—–in slow motion
I do most of my recording in slow motion.
Can you tell me how many seconds the a1000 can record in slow motion 1080p= , and 720p = , sorry, i didnt understand your reply

dave leooo says:

thinking of buying a1000, how many SECONDS does it record in 1080p 60fps slow motion and 720p 240fps slow motion? thanks

ThomAS says:

Most of the video taken from tripod?

dave leooo says:

does the coolpix s9700 have slow motion in 720p 60fps 2 times slow motion like the previous versions?

kms55967 says:

Can you shoot in camera b&w?

Jesús Manuel F. says:

Me gustó tu video. Gracias por tu tiempo de dedicación al montaje y por compartirlo. Un saludo amigo.

フォレ夫 says:


Jack Slater says:

Can custom picture profiles be uploaded into camera from a SD card?
I found on other older coolpix cameras they cannot, but on the nikon v series cameras it can.
Good review!

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