Nikon B500 VS Canon SX 430 IS(Camera Comparison Battle)

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Camera Comparison Battle

Please watch: “Nikon D810 VS Canon EOS 750D Camera Comparison Review, Camera Comparison, Camera Fight,”


yoichi franck says:

man thanks for the vid I was looking for this comparison

Guy Stoker says:

Wish I could actually find a decent professional review/tutorial for this canon model which my friend just bought. Haven’t found a good one yet.


430 has best colour in Nikon cam always colour exposure is high dark canon natural colours

Subhankar Bera says:

It fake…
How you shot same image same condition same pose of image as use to canon and nikon?
It is fake


Canon is best

HeavenBound says:

Fake. How do you get the exact same shot, of the exact same bird, at the exact same angle at the exact same time with two different cameras? Thats what I thought. FAKE.

Navin Raj says:

Which camera is best cannon sx 430 and nikon b500 for photgraphy

prabhand reddy says:

430 is has more depth it seems

photography ayush raj says:

Nikon coolpix b500 so batter

Bird P Jacobs says:

You tested it with the same camera you dipshit, there’s no way you can get exactly the same framing with two different cameras..especially on moving subjects…

P S Dhar says:

At 1:26 ,how you took the shot of nikon b500 with the help of nikon b500?? Do you have two of the same model….

Darix360 says:

hai usato photoshop per modificarle. sono identiche . pfff

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