Nikon B500 REVIEW – BEST Superzoom Camera 2016

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Review of the Nikon Coolpix B500 Superzoom Camera. Possibly the best superzoom camera of 2016 for $300. It features a 1″ censor with a 40x optical zoom lens. Be your very own paparazzi!

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Aliyah Denisse Noche says:

the photo qq of this cam and my phone are the same :<

Oleksandr Shcherbak says:

Хочу купить для съемки выпускных, на какой промежуток времени (для фото и видео) хватает одного комплекта батареек ? Какое качество в ночное время ?

AN creations says:

I mean background will blur or not

Katina Productions says:

I have the same camera and it keeps coming up with battery exhausted anybody know anything about it?

Suyograj Naik says:

Amazon pe 15000 or 18000 pe canon b500 hai, 2 alag price ku hai jara explain Karo please

Kevin Bird says:

and at night it was actually perfect, if ur using flash or sum, but for the rest of night shots without flash, you will need a tripod

Kevin Bird says:

the batteries it comes with are re-chargeable

Kevin Bird says:

bought the acamera a few days ago, i think it is great

prithvi roy says:

paparazzi …..anyone from GTA V?


P500 is better

Mishu Dey says:

Can you tell me,Which camera did you use on this video?

mohamed mj says:

zoom By Brinch for sale cemara

The Pendolino Of All says:

I will say too, I am a Britain-based Teen trainspotter, and this is my first proper camera. The first time I used this, back in April, I had no problem, and I have honestly learned to love it. Best Birthday present ever!

Anthony Madden says:

What about videos ? Does it have good video quality ?

Chinmaya Arora says:

Does it have a manual mode which can change the settings

rohit raj says:
Now available for Rs.16150 Only

yoichi franck says:

Nice Review

Shutter Gardis says:

When you buy this camera, you can also charge the battery , the charger is included in the pachlkage

Larry TheSunscreenMan says:

Is this good for plane photography while they are flying

Aswin P M says:

which camera is the best.?nikon coolpix b500 or canon powershot sx540hs?

Дмитрий Щеголихин says:

Here's something for smartphone lovers

Дмитрий Щеголихин says:

It records videos in interlaced

Janice Andy says:

this is some spy shit. imagine getting changed from a penthouse and some creep has this camera.

brown wolf says:

Is the Nikon b500 good enough for taking good professional photo?that . People will pay ??

Vinny Ha says:

i just bought one… go out shooting this weekend… it’s light weight, super nice… thanks buddy….

GACATHI James says:

I wanted to know is it possible to change magnifying lens and use the one paparazzi uses ???

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