NIkon 35ti In Depth Review – Best PREMIUM Compact Film Camera?!

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Could the Nikon 35ti be the best PREMIUM compact film camera? Well it could be for some people but in my honest opinion thats a a bit of a stretch. Today we do a full in depth review on the Nikon 35ti and I share some of my personal thoughts on why I think this camera with the features built in can make a very fun tool to use on the street BUT i think the way it’s delivered can get in the way of some shooting styles. If you wanna see the full on video of me shooting and wrapping up my final thoughts on this thing check it out here!


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Filming Equipment used:
Sony A7II
Manfrotto tripod

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Jim Vines Presents... says:

Good stuff, King Jvpres…but you're pronouncing the name Nikon incorrectly. It's Ny (like eye)-Con. Audio pronunciation here

Mike_y Photo says:

Great video as always!! nice setting in pier 39!!😀👍🏼👍🏼

Juliette Kafka says:

woh this is a really fancy camera, hu? great job man.

j'ai commandé l'eau says:

Why is there a flash button

Tomislav Miletić says:

I remember that camera from back in the day, when it was sold in stores, but it was so crazy expensive like it was made out of pure gold – over $2000 if I remember correctly , same as for its wider sibling, the 28ti. Back than, you could buy two Nikon FM2's new out of the box with cheap 50/1,8 primes for the price of this little dinky camera alone…

Adam Measom says:

Great review and I love the analog display on this camera! Unless you're trying to be discreet on the street, it's actually a cool idea that flash is automatic because it enables you to use wider apertures during the day.

cdl0 says:

Very interesting and good video – thanks! From what I have seen here, if you gave one of these to me as a gift, then I would not decline it; however, I don't think I would trouble anybody who is selling a Nikon 35Ti, even for $10. What is the battery, by the way?

Life on Film says:

That analog display and the sound of the focusing motor.. Man it's like an essence of steampunk! :-D🤘

jdebultra says:

A friend of mine has one and his flash had a off switch on the flash. He said he bought it that way, apparently there is a hack for it. It is a beautiful camera design.

Calvin Tua says:

Do a vid on your favorite nikon f mount lenses.

bayfield95 says:

You can actually program the camera using a numerical code which turns the flash off completely! The only down side is that if you want to use the flash you must hold the flash button down whilst shooting. It is basically the reverse setup of how it comes as standard but I very rarely use flash so it works much better like that for me personally

Analogue Travelogue says:

Nice video, man! The difference between BULB and TIME mode is that with T mode you press once to start, and once more to stop. It means you don't need to hold the shutter button whilst it's exposing.

Louis Uy says:

Thanks! I was just really thirsting for a KingJvpes video yesterday. And here's one!

Thomas Delattre says:

Wow two videos the same day !
This camera looks so great, but the price tho… Could litteraly buy 2 medium format cameras


My favourite channel! Keep up the good work, JP! #Minoltagang
Did you ever get those sweatshirts into production???

Mvttcheww says:

please do a fuji x series review! lol

KingJvpes says:

Where would you rate the Nikon 35ti amongst the other big name premium compacts?! BTW if you haven't seen the video shooting this bad boy check it out here:

Blou Bear says:

Omg can I have it?

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