Nikon 35Ti 35mm Point and Shoot Review

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A review of the premium compact 35mm point and shoot, the nikon 35ti. With photos taken in Porto and Kyiv
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NegativeFeedback says:

Comment "Birthday well Gergo" or face 7 years of bad scans

MrSodaBelly says:

But is it better & faster than a Klasse camera?

Bayliss Oddnobb says:

Birthday well Gergo

Viviana says:

Birthday well gergo xD

Jed Payten says:

birthday well gergo

tresfrangos says:

wait so you've been in portugal?

Hiram says:

Birthday well Gergo

MR MR says:

I have it. I love it. The aesthetic is what made it unique and worth picking up. But yeah, not necessary at all.
I've been thinking about the Agfa Optima 1035 "the other red dot camera". Curious if people like it. Have one to sell?

CM 013 says:

Birthday well Gergo. May you bless my scans

Chris Russo says:

Hands down, favorite two film camera's I own Nikon 28ti and 35ti. Never thought the grip was that bad, but maybe I'm bias. It was like the first film camera I bought. I'm guilty of liking the asthetics, durabilty, quality of photos. I just toss this thing in my bag for a hike or backpacking trip and don't have to worry. I will say the AF is sluggish.

MrBernas24G says:

when you come back to Portugal, say something, I'll guide you for best spots around Lisbon, nice exposures.

Akshat Deva says:


Ayn Lachica says:

Birthday well gergo

cholo serrano says:

1:44 is sooooo clean

Антон Кудряшов says:

Birthday well Gergo! 😀
Happy to see Kyiv on your photos!!! ♥♥♥

Kodachrome40 says:

This camera has never gone down in price. It’s not that good for street photography because it’s noisy.

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