Nikon 1 V1 Compact System Camera / ILC Review

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A review of the Nikon V1 compact system camera, which offers a 10.1MP sensor and impressive 10fps burst rate.

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arilious says:

what if i can get the v1 with 2 lenses for 350?

Alaba Baju says:

I passed it up and decided to buy a point and shoot. I wanted to learn how to photography properly first, then know what features are important to me before buying a compact. 🙂

Amateur Photographer TV says:

Its a great buy for £250 if you can still find it.

Amateur Photographer TV says:

Sorry, our mistake. Now corrected.

slowdriver says:

erm .. the V1 has a 10.1 MP instead of what you've said 12MP
I owned one .

Shevchenko V. says:

It's a 10 megapixel sensor not 12 as written in your clip information.

thetwomountainbikers says:

you can get this on the hut for £219 now lol

Alexander cvetanov says:

I love my v1.

Alaba Baju says:

£800 – odd pounds!? Thankfully it's now under £250(Amazon) Feb 2013, 14 months from your video. Your review has dissuaded me from it anyway.

dvlarry says:

i thought it's 10MP.

Man1536 says:

This camera doesn't seem so good just glorified options

Meshwork123 says:

The magnificent EVF sells me, particularly in low light conditions where it proved better in the store than even the Sony NEX 7.

MoogerTuber says:

I appreciate that the review was posted in November and the V1 was expensive at that time. However, you can buy one now for about 700 dollars. Do you still believe there's a cheaper and better alternative?

MoogerTuber says:

Smaller cameras of better quality for less money?? Which ones do you have in mind? Let's hear it please.

David van der Zande says:

I need a camera for my dad. He doesn't know what ISO etc. means. So I think that the J1 is what he needs. Isn't it?

yahhello says:

that's so funny i forgot to laugh.

Amateur Photographer TV says:

Perhaps listening to Celine Dion has impaired your hearing ;o)

yahhello says:

i need subtitles.

Lamar Bell says:

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sh4p31y says:

@dchmielarski pretty sure he said one of the best. not the best

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