Nikon 1 J5 review (Specs | Controls | Screen | Performance | Video)

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With its new 20.8 million pixel CX-format (one-inch) sensor, the Nikon 1 J5 has the highest resolution of any Nikon 1 camera yet, and it’s stylish, practical, and small enough to compete with regular compact cameras, not just other CSCs. In this video, Amy Davies highlights some of the key specs and features and takes a look at the camera’s performance.
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The Guy With No Face says:

0:45 whats in the background, BALDI???

hassan Ayoub Tv says:

I do not have the money to buy it

Tamal Debbarma says:


sam3d says:

I like how you say "nee-kon" 🙂

1TrTlq says:

Please anyone tell me the name of this building at 4:15, I want to know more about it. I am sure it is the most beautiful thing I have ever saw.

juanreds007 says:

this camera can take pictures in white and black?

Heitor Hashimura says:

I'm using j5 on my travel videos. Please, take a look 😉

Olson Kevin says:

Yeah that lens makes it look pretty ugly. I don't like the little telescoping snout lenses on other small cameras either. 🙂

Shermta F says:

Is the Nikon J5 good for making videos

swisschampchannel says:

And how practical is it ? for pocket its not good i think 🙂 but what about on belt ?

Sssaga Benches says:

How does this compare to a D3300 with 'default' 18-55 VRII lens?

Low light conditions-room, video capture.

Thank you!

Sandhewa Beryl says:

this or the EOS M10??

eLJaybud says:

Thanks. So from this I can see it can't really shoot 60fps and the 4k isn't up to par for normal video shooting. Well that just saved me £100 or more. Thank you for your accurate review.

Uriel Hernandez says:

How do you focus using the display without taken the photo?

Maniahg says:

What camera was used to shoot this video ?

Kunaefi Mutaqin says:

how about olympus epl6? which one will u choose?

Shreyas Puri says:

My experience with Nikons has been really BAD Focus mechanism…… End if the day… A sharp focus make a huge difference….. Check out Sony A6000…. It has a brilliant focus…

MVS Ramesh says:

Shooting pics at day light is not a big deal, real test of the camera is in night / low light. No details on it

Steve C says:

Very good video, I got that camera, trying to learn all about it 🙈

Paul says:

help help help!!! going insane looking for a decent camera with everything on it yes the 100% camera lol. I thought I found it in the j5 but the 4k is getting shredded on here ha. here we go I would like a compact with flip screen, 1080p hd, (super) slow motion, image stabilisation, auto focus, good in low light, wifi-nfc, ideally want to take great quality clear pics and vids. please any suggestions would great. I would spend up to £500 if it gets me the perfect camera if that's possible. also will be using to vlog….thanks

Nao Nao says:

would someone actually recommend this?

وسابي says:

What a complete joke, a proud label with 4K on it and it only does 15FPS. The marketing guys must be high on hard drugs to think prosumers are idiots to fall for that

seansixfive says:

Amy, thanks for using the word 'purchase'. when talking about the grip. It's the only reason I watch your videos.

Husain Alfraid says:

one downside about it….it heats up very quickly here in Saudi Arabia haha :D. but i still like it.

Rabbi Bienes says:

how does it compare with Sony a6000?

山田弘明 says:


νικος γιώργος says:

How is the buffer using 10or20fps?

Nick Dsnik says:

Call me shallow but, my what an ugly lens.

bohnstube says:

4K, but only at 15fps? And no viewfinder. Well, at least they've thrown in a couple of party tricks for those who want an even smaller interchangeable lens camera than the original Sony RX100, with the same size sensor for around 500 bucks (U.S.) with it's lowest priced kit lens.

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