Nikon 1 J3 Compact System Camera Review

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Nikon 1 J3 Compact System Camera Review


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Arrival of the J3 builds on the still relatively new J2 with a new sensor. With the Nikon 1 J2 announced only back in August last year, Nikon has quickly added to the J-series range with the arrival of the J3.

The most noteable difference over the J2 is the inclusion of a 14.2MP 1in CMOS sensor – the same resolution as that found in the top-of-the-range V2 that’s just started to hit the shelves, with a moderate ISO range from 160-6400 ISO.

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Dhendy Tama says:

My nikon j3 is broke i cnt fix it

colin rhodes says:

Is it possible to shoot black and white pics , I have just bought one and can`t work out how to do it

Christian Kristensen says:

Why do these reviews never show any footage?

ronald ferreira says:

the flash can move up and down

ronald ferreira says:

can't find macro on mines

nobita says:

you should have some sample pictures

Blader ZYeYO says:

best camera on the market for Beyblade recording hands down. check out [beystudio] he uses the Nikon 1 J1 and u see what I mean. 

Jose Balboa says:

How much can you zoom in with that 10-30mm lens?

Mrs Royle says:

I'm literally falling asleep listening to this guy

IZBlind says:

poor review. i could of read everything you said. show some pictures, videos, and the modes being used. would of loved to see the continuous shoot feature.

Mimi Ralph says:

i got mine for 200 from argos!

cloudchaser07 says:

Iis the video and sound recording quality good on this camera? thanks

GirlyDress FlirtyGirl says:

so how long can it record videos?

John R. Kromodimedjo says:

I really really want too!!! So cute, compact and super good quality pictures!!

Phoenix Haim says:

The guy was cute

Naomi Christina says:

What the difference between a compact system camera and a digital camera like a canon 1 J3 vs a Panasonic tz40?

Sam Wise says:

Definitely looking forward to this..

KTh557 says:

preordered it. I cant wait for it to come in!

sonyxyde says:

i want it !!!!

Alan Scerbakov says:

I like design of this camera, really good to take with you when you need something compact with great image quality, but it's price is quite high.. But great review! Any other reviews are coming? 😉

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