Night mode: iPhone 11 Pro vs. Pixel 4 camera comparison

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Both the iPhone 11 Pro and Pixel 4 take really good photos in low light. But how does Apple’s new Night mode on the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro fare against the reigning champion of low-light photography, Night Sight on the Google Pixel 4? Let’s find out.

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Bright Osei Badu says:

I choose the iPhone 😂. It’s gives a natural image

Piyush Parmar says:

iPhone: If you prefer camera hardware with ML
Pixel: If you prefer AI/ML camera moreover hardware

Jean carlos Alvarado says:

Pixel looks better but it's not fashionable like the iPhone sadly

Tubeof beans says:

Which one takes better low light video?

Rudyson Estanislao says:

Thank you CNET <3

iFreddie says:

apppppple :3

BB says:

Iphone have more warmer color/yellowish tone wich particullary i dont like. This is no way natural for me.

TheProgrammingJedi says:

I bought my iPhone 11 Pro two days ago. I love it!

6y says:


Weird Felix, but ok says:

Android geek but have to say iPhone 11 is the best overall phone you can buy. Pixel does beat it in still photography but it gets crushed in video department. And not to mention iphone is much much better in performance, build and everything else.

Raviraj Joshi says:

Pixel 4 Anyday…

everything now says:

Hate this so bias , always iPhone even it's not

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