Nick Click: The 90s Nickelodeon Digital Camera Experience

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Unboxing and testing the Mattel Nick Click from 1999! Take digital photos and turn yourself into your favorite NickToons using the included Nickelodeon software package. DO THE NICK CLICK.

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● Download the Nick CD software archive here:

● Gallery of the photos taken here:

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LGR says:

If you're getting unwanted video recommendations after this video, I apologize but I have no control over that 😒
YOU do though. Mouseover any unwanted video in the sidebar, click the three vertical dots to the right of it, click "not interested."

All I Wanted Was a Pepsi says:

I actually got one for Christmas as a kid but the software didn’t run well on our Presario 5150 and it just wasn’t that much fun lol

Smith Smitherman says:

Nick click dick pic, sorry it's fun to say

Benjamin Philipp says:

3:10 whoa, scary…
Makes me appreciate the fact that by the time I grew up, my parents were already in full-color

austinrees says:

Ahh, Pre-Spongebob Nickelodeon!

HelloSirIamOof says:

I have a request for a game/program that is slightly odd, its titled my amazing human body, there are two versions, the original and the 1.1version which adds support for windows NT, 2000, and xp, its quite nostalgic for me and might be something worth taking a look at

Fuzzy Skinner says:

"…the lowest quality digital camera I currently own."

Somebody buy him a Game Boy Camera, stat! 😀

Also, I found a brief snippet at the beginning interesting (pause on one of the Barbie camera stills):

"And Barbie will represent many new looks and body types in her 40th year, including a new full-bodied friend known and loved by all, Rosie O'Donnell."

Mick McMik says:

It's only good for making realistic looking low res games

SmaMan says:

Gosh! I wish my sister still had all the stuff we did with her Barbie digital camera. We actually made some pretty good stop motion animation with the slide show dealie.

ECM Detecting says:

android users be like

charl Videos says:

It would be hilarious to see a grown man taking close up photos with a late nineties digital camera for kids

A says:

>shooters get digital camera choices
damn they were ahead of their time

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