New Record of Dracula – Vlad the Impaler Descendants!

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Vlad Dracula spin-offs, is one of the most questioned targets connected to real story Dracula, as in time even more individuals pretended to be the Walachian’s prince descendants! Throughout his life, Prince Vlad Dracula Impaler had 2 spouses: a noble Transylvanian woman, Jusztina Szilagy with who he had 2 kids, Vlad and Mihail and the sibling of the Hungarian King Matei Corvin, Ilona Huniade, having from this marriage one kid, Mihnea.

After Vlad Dracula’s fatality in December 1476, his children sanctuary in Hungary, wandering for few years. Just one of his sons, Mihnea was successful to follow his dad’s abilities, becoming the ruler of Walachia between April 1508 and October 1509, by the name Mihnea Ist the Misery. Like his daddy, Mihnea were permanently in conflict with the boyars, specifically with the strong household of Craiovesti from the Southern Walachia.

At the end of 1509, Mihnea Ist the Misery sanctuaries in Transylvania yet the Walachian boyars arranged a story against him and on 12th of Might 1510 they trapped and killed him on the stairways of Evangelic Religion from Sibiu town! In time, more Vlad Dracula Impaler’s grand-grand children came to be rulers in both Walachia and Moldova, until the XVI century. Compared to, his sons founded in Southern Transylvania the Draculesti of Sintesti family members, yet after the year of 1600, it has actually been re-baptized Kretzulescu coming to be in the following centuries extremely representative for the Romanian culture! In 1920, one of the Vlad Dracula descendants, Princess Ecaterina Caradja founded in Bucharest city an orphanage complex that later on have actually been called “Saint Ecaterina”.

Princess Ecaterina in addition to his child Alexandra dedicated their entire life to additional charity tasks in the inter battle duration and during the War of the nations Second, also. Ecaterina is known as a person that made lots of initiatives in order to alleviate the concern of the American and English aviators that fall prisoners in Romania in the Second Battle, as they flopped the Ploiesti area. For her acts in their help, the detainees called her “The Angel from Ploiesti community”. In 1947, right after the resulting the communist federal government in Romania, the whole Caradja family members’s lot of money has been taken consisting of also “Saint Ecaterina” orphanage. In 1948, her little girl Alexandra has decided to take sanctuary to Paris, France, and 4 years later on, she encouraged her mother to leave Romania and to expatriation first in Paris and later on in United States.

An additional rep Vlad Dracula spin-off until nowadays was Stefan Brandes Latea (1955-2009); he was descendant of the well-known prince by the maternal branch, as his mom came down from the Draculesti of Sintesti family, about which I have informed you above. As nothing in life is happen to threat, Stefan Brandes Latea was born on 2nd of August 1955 in Sighisoara town, in the exact same residence of Vlad Dracula Impaler’s childbirth! He was a qualified polyvalent expert, having an outstanding curriculum and executing a number of tasks. In 1980, he graduated the Plastic Art College from Bucharest, Setting Layout part, and in time, he carried out as setting and costume developer, stuntman, star, in more than 60 Romanian movies, the majority of them treating the historical motifs.

In the ’90’s he established Dracula Society in Bucharest, having as activity the movies manufacturing and shows discussions. In the exact same time, he was the head of state of Romanian Professional Stuntmen Organization. Stefan Brandes Latea likewise holds the hallmark defense for the name “Dracula”, in Romania, and is the creator of the well-known Medieval Fine art Festival, which take place every end of June in his native community Sighisoara.

Unfortunately, at the start of 2009, his health problem acquired seriously bad, and on 8th of April, he died at the age of just 54 years! Past all the legends dispersed on the planet about the heavy deeds of Prince Vlad Dracula Impaler, Stefan Brandes Latea promoted truth story Dracula, trying to expose his historical actions and the value of his fulfilments for the Romanian history. Simply check out and discover more top details regarding Vlad Dracula spin-offs, his real Romanian tale!


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