New Canon G5X vs G7X comparison! | iJustine

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pobi says:

unbox the m6 ☹️

Andy USA says:

Very good you videos πŸŽ¬πŸ“½οΈπŸ‡§πŸ‡·πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Kyla Jaide says:

This video was super helpful! Thx

Dave Parsons says:

Ha ha, love the Clueless approach to this. Probably the fastest talking, but at the same time understandable human on the planet.

Authentic Benny says:

iJustine you on that Drake huh lol

MariNate says:

Got the G5X today am excited to try it out

Doctor Disney says:


zena robinson says:

some many reviewers just ignoring those of us (or am i the only one?) who just want to take good photos! πŸ™

Hemanshu Bahl says:

You mentioned you shoot all your videos mostly on the Canon G7X in this video but in the notes you have Sony RX100 and other Sony cameras listed. Just curious which you prefer more now for vlogging lately as I’m getting a camera for the first time for vlogging. Thanks and love your vlogs!!!

summer sunflower says:

I really want one but I’m poor

Sandra Tornato says:

Ijustine you have 2 g7x the one that your filming on and the pne your compairinh the g5x with

J V says:

So are we able to use an external mic with this?


I was planning to buy the g7x mark ii

Mocrune says:

It would be cool if we can record with our eyes it would be wayyy easier

J's Vlog says:

Can I have one 😭 I want to start filming but i dont have that 😭

Zion Cloke says:

Which one is better though

funny gaming says:

im getting a g7x becase is more compact than a g5x .also its probaly the same video quality

Aislinn Grace says:

Wait G5X is better?

Renzo Borja says:

I want a canon g5x

Tzz K says:

Right now the g7x is 550 euro while the g5x is 570 euro in my country which one should I buy, I wanna it for videos and take some picture occasionally.
P.s lets go to Russia ⚽

Kazsandra's Gaming says:

I want that please give that

Dr Dimento says:

If you don't mind my asking, what are you using for lighting? Β Looks like some form of soft boxes. Β Great review 'by the way' and definitely going to pick me up one of these G5X's as my second/third camera.

Specie Vlogs says:

G7X II has faster AF (very important), faster continuous burst, especially in RAW (also very important), faster bootup time, stronger IS and DIGIC7 which makes smarter choices with ISO, shutter and aperture in various modes and is better with deciding what WB or exposure. Oh, and it has diffraction correction in camera if you're a JPEG shooter.

If you must have a bigger grip, fully articulating screen or EVF, then it's the G5x. Otherwise if you don't absolutely have to have them, the G7x II is king of the powershot world, hands down.

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