NEW Canon EOS RP – Unboxing and first impressions review

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The brand new Canon EOS RP is Canon’s smallest and lightest full frame camera to date. In this video I show you an EOS RP unboxing, an EOS RP specifications list and my first impressions of the EOS RP.
Check out my written first impressions review here:
And definitely check out the Canon website here:

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— Frequently Asked Questions —
What do you do for a living?
– I am a commercial timelapse photographer. This means people or brands hire me to produce timelapse or hyperlapse footage. Some of my clients include Canon, Samsung, Microsoft, Ford, Tourism Australia, Dubai, Vanuatu Philippines, etc.
– I live in Sydney, Australia. I moved here from Antwerp, Belgium in 2013 in the pursuit of love and adventure! Ja, ik spreek nederlands.
What gear do you use?
– I use a lot of Canon cameras, mainly the 1DXII and 6DII with a ton of lenses. Check out for more gear.



Matthew Vandeputte says:

Have a read and a look at some more images of the new camera on my blog here

Nga'Nga Wa Kioi says:

You should have said at the beginning you have been paid by canon to jiber jabber about this sad excuse for a camera i sure hope your subscribers smell the coffee and ditch you for someone who knows what they are talking about

shonen84 says:

Hey Matthew – I remember watching your video when I got my 6DM2. Ive been traveling and working with it, and I really love it. Looking forward to your thoughts! I’m intrigued by the RP, I may pick one up to get an entry into the RF system (and the very exciting f2.8 RF trinity Canon announced). Thanks for this tour!

dan damoy says:

You are just too smart. Your thoughts about how people should worry in life are just mind blowing. Wow!!

Mircea Costiniuc says:

Interesanta camera foto

Yeshi Zangpo says:

was it not possible for canon to make that battery grip a battery ..serving purposefully

Peter Matthess says:

4k in 24/25fps WAT did I hear that right??

Nikolay Delev says:

Canon just went WAY TOO FAR…

Meroh says:

Nice fast review

Petru B. says:

all looks good until you see the specs

karacop78 says:

Lets not talk about this cameras video flaws like the lack of FHD 24fps (!!!) or the inability to shoot FHD with EF-S lenses, the 4K crop, no 120fps (even the 720p), the lack of c-log etc. Lets check photography: I also happen to be a time lapse guy so, I wouldn't ever buy a camera with a sensor from 2012. And, did you try if it works when connected to a usb power bank? Because that is also very important for time lapse making. It seems that this camera had to be whatever as long as it is FF mirrorless. Also it's a nice way to tempt with a "cheap" body those who don't see far enough up to the prices of the R-mount lenses. In general, not good for the industry.

Praveen Wazza says:

Nice Watch ⌚

Fireguy 2018 says:

Good video Thank you,

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