NEW BEST CAMERA FOR YOUTUBE | Canon SL2 Unboxing & Review

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I bought the new best camera for YouTube! If you’re interested in vlogging or making videos at all you have to watch this first.

Canon SL2
Rode VideoMicro
Ultra Wide Angle Lens
Mini Manfrotto Tripod

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Nick Weston


Nick Weston says:

Links to all of the gear talked about in the video are here & in the description.
Canon SL2
Rode VideoMicro
Ultra Wide Angle Lens
Mini Manfrotto Tripod

Taegiexbaeby xxx says:

Im buying one

Guian Mykielle Catacutan says:

The indian accent😂

MatAttack35 says:


doingitbigent says:

You coulda just called me I woulda told you how to plug the Mic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@djant863 #DJANT #crunkestdjndasouth

Typical Zain says:

Love this videooo

Less Go Ham says:

Just subbed I dunno how u made this so fucking entertaining 🤣🤣 good job

shylingg says:

Your reaction to cutting the box open and taking the stuff out is me reacting to the box arriving at my doorstep.

Hazel Leo says:

You remind me of my brother so much. I love it

Dattruckerboismoove86 says:

Caffeine caffeine caffeine

Ramon Solorio says:

At first I was like whaaat?😳
But then I was like yeahhh!1😊🔥🖤

Nahid Mohammed says:

I think, Canon company needs to give you some credit for your video.. 😐

Ezra says:

Bro just got mine today thank you for making my interest build up to this awesome freaking camera 😀📷

max ware says:

thank you this is my dr3am cam3ra!!

Jomar Cacal says:

Who's watching this video after a year ago since upload?

Heat Kickz says:

What lens is that I want to get that for my sl2 Been looking for a good wide angle lens

TwO4FivE View says:

1:33 suddenly turn indian or wht

Chloe’ Darling says:

What type of ring light do you use? Love this video!

Arthur Ghulyan says:

1:32 so funny , his fake accent

Shreyansh Tiwari says:

Lmaooo best video I came across. I've paused video at 1:38 to subscribe and I'm subscribing because of your excitement. Don't care about review anymore. Never let anything take that enthusiasm away from you.

SG9 Official says:

Which lens is that bro????

Unvestation says:

This review is the only one i havent skipped

SG9 Official says:

My favourite camera Canon Sl2😊😊😊

SG9 Official says:

Which lens is that???

B C says:

Do you have tourette's?

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