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Colin notyou0k says:

Great video, it's a shame the current price of this unit is an additional 2/3 of the Ring floodlight for an SD slot and identification software. I am not happy with the idea of a subscription at all!

NameLess says:

He mentioned ADSL and I had to check the date of the video…. Must be at least 10 years ago I last had an ADSL connection 😀

Andrew H says:

wanted to ask you if you had any recommendations for wireless wifi security camera with person detection. In particular i am looking for a cam that can catch the motion of a person earlier rather than later. Some battery powered cameras with person detection dont start recording until the person is practically out of the cameras field of view. any recommendations would be welcomed. thanks for the video.

Ahmed Loutfi says:

Thanks for the review! I'm considering this camera for my new home, it fits perfectly for my front yard (because there's a junction box in the wall a few metres from my front door), but not so for my back garden, because the junction box is in the ceiling. Do you know of any other camera that feeds directly off of existing wiring like the Netatmo (and without monthly subscription) but suitable for ceiling mounting?

Nimma says:

I have one and it works fine

ESP LRG says:

Agreeing with others here, don't just extend the video length with a blank screen out to 10+ mins for that golden youtube revenue. It's tacky and cheap and has a real negative effect on your good review.

Ian Harriman says:

The sd card keeps failing

afterrain71 says:

Love the Homekit compatibility, but it needs a wider field of view.

Jess H says:

Thanks for the review! Wanted to confirm this camera is powered via a hardwired connection.
Not ‘wired’ and still needs an outlet to plug into.
Are there any other outdoor security cameras you’d recommend that can be powered by an actual hardwired power source. No outlets! Thanks 😁

Тимофей says:

We live in an area with lots of wildlife prone to stealing Amazon prime deliveries. Is there a feature that distinguishes say birds, cats/dogs from gorillas wearing hoodies?

Xside84 says:

Negative! Because over 10 minute video and only 4 minutes with content

Rab B says:

Good review, sold!

Max Olivier says:

First part of the video is oke, but it's getting better and better towards the end!

Lord Farquaad says:

the video needs cutting. im watching 5mins of nothing

Fletch says:

Are you related to the guy from Digital Foundry, your voice and behaviour seems identical?

Nick Chambers says:

How easy would it be for someone to simply open the panel underneath the camera and steal the SD card? Is it lockable? How well protected is the camera against water ingress?

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