Nest vs Arlo Pro – Best Home Security Camera Comparison

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Nest vs Arlo Pro – Best Home Security Camera Comparison. A couple weeks back we released our Nest Cam Indoor review, Nest Cam IQ review and Nest Cam Outdoor review so now that we have the NETGEAR Arlo Pro wireless security camera we decided to add in our Arlo Pro review to the mix. In this video, Jeff and Matt walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each of these outdoor security cameras. Topics discussed include wireless vs wired (the Arlo Pro are wireless security cameras), video quality (1080p vs 720p), extra features (Arlo Pro base station has a siren) and more. Both of these wifi security camera are great. I wouldn’t be surprised if both end up on the list for Best Outdoor Security Camera 2019 or Best Wireless Security Camera 2019 (in Arlo’s case). Hope you enjoyed the video. More smart home security camera videos coming soon.

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Emmy Engy says:

Indeed, the security system greatly simplifies our lives. I stopped being afraid to sleep alone in my house after buying HeyKangaroo kit. I installed the wireless sensors at the entrance doors and windows. And when I'm not home, feel free to leave the house alone. Mobile application shows what is happening in my house.

pugsnsunflowers says:

I would of enjoyed the video more with out the bane voice.

lk kim says:

Arlo is BETTER.

Lee McGann says:

Help! I’m looking for a outdoor camera that will turn on a light or something in a different close by place … say to wake me up when there is an intruder

MrMilanina says:

What about cold weather and battery life of Arlo?

Genessis Berrios says:

I have the Arlo and I love it it work so god

Daniel Doyle says:

I know im way late to this video comment party. But maybe do an update video? Arlo Ultra is out now with 4K video.

M Temur says:

I think all cctv cameras need some kind of a cover to protect them from being stolen, like a small metal or glass cage. Obviously it needs a good field of view etc. The glass cover however will not be good for night vision cameras as it would reflect the light back to the camera.

deepblueyonderspage says:

I have the Arlo go.. uses my 4G connection.. so I don't have to worry about poor Wifi… additionally I chose the wired option.. so just like nest, I don't have to worry about battery life. Furthermore.. guess what.. you absolutely can set up activity zones with Arlo go. I guess Arlo was watching this video, lol. In fact… you can fiddle with video sensitivity in quite a few different ways now, so the only real plus I can see with nest is the 1080p. But I am not complaining, last I checked, 720 was still considered HD… It's just fine for monitoring purposes.

Antonio Lyons says:

The main problem with both of these cameras is they don’t link up with your alarm system. I love my simplicam from SimpliSafe with its outdoor kit. For example I got broken into last week, SimpliSafe was on it and they let me know that someone banged my door in because I had visual verification turned on. Now I’m just waiting for SimpliSafe to come out with a full outdoor camera and we’ll be all set =)

sandy richardson says:

No one talks about Wifi range.

tight jg says:

The Arlo seems to easy to steal. someone can just walk up to the camera and take it in under 10 seconds

Kokozo says:

I have five Arlo Pro cams hooked up to AC and couldn't be happier. No problems whatsoever and Arlo's customer service rocks! Being able to record / save events on a USB drive is a big plus for me.


1080p ftw. no argument

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