Nest Cam Outdoor: Unboxing & Overview

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The new Nest Cam Outdoor brings 24/7 surveillance to your home with an attractive and easy to instal outdoor camera. #partner

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Nick Edens says:

Is there a way to unplug the cord for the camera from the round power block where u can run it through a wall

How Weak says:

3:48 uh oh 🙈🙈🙈. Goodbye nest 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ludwig Reads says:

Thanks so much for this unboxing!! Super insightful! Just ordered mine for a 347$ deal Can’t wait!!

GunstarGizmo says:

I bought this camera from Lowe's and the box had a hard cover book and loose packaging inside. There was no camera. The packaging looked like it was resealed so someone probably bought this camera, exchanged the contents for something of equal weight, resealed it with a machine, and then return it. Buyer beware. Lowe's will not take the return so be sure to check the contents before leaving the store.

Don Bash says:

Why not discuss cost of service?

Hi There says:

Can u have it on live streaming. As u watch the football game on tv but wanna keep your eye on the back yard thru your laptop

T-Rex Hunter says:

Nest is the apple of the smart home. It is easy to use and very simplistic. They are also over priced for what you get. Like 200 dollars for one camera and not the mention the expensive subscription fees.

Online Gamer says:

Wtf they are spying on us I would never buy these cameras nest company use it to spy on us idiots!

Blue Cartoonz22 says:

Your dogs are so cute

Оле Лукое says:

The resolution is great>>>   the night vision is clear, the motion detection works adequately. The app is easy to use and the camera is easy to setup. It is small and unobtrusive.

Preston Hooper says:

0:51 if you cant pull it snip it

jamiecivic says:

Relies on wifi, my wifi is 50mb but this piece of shit still lags and cuts out

Richard Sweat says:

My cameras are mounted 10 feet up and work great. Now you might find a ladder and climb up to pull them off, or cut the cable, but the camera will have already alerted me on my cell telephone, and when I vew the alert,  I will be on the telephone to the police.  My ADT cameras will pick you up from the inside windows next to the cameras  I have an alarm system inside the house, doors and windows, with ADT monitoring that has a back up battery system in case of power failure). Years ago I did have a break in, and only damage I had was an over turned chair just inside the back door where they were in a hurry to get away from the screaming alarm up on the third floor eve. They made it to their car, but neighbors had tag number and description, and they were apprehended before they could get out of town.  The cameras let me know who is outside at night, and gives me footage of who was around, when not at home. I get an alert on my cell telephone if you step onto my property from any angle, and I can get you, before you can get the camera..and the police will be on their way. So when I set the outside alarm off remotely,  and you have your hoodie on,  you will be scrambling to get out of a neighborhood, where about everyone is armed,  and just looking for a burglar or package thief.  The point is that some of the comments miss}, set your cameras up out of reach, so they will alert you before anyone can reach them, and try not to run cables through outside blind spots.

Leon Chalyavski says:

hikvision poe for home security

Da Michl says:

Gibt's hier voll billig

webeducation says:

Won't work without an internet connection. Basically a brick if the internet goes down.

Jan Bertelsen says:

Rubbish product – I had 2 cameras ripped off the wall with ease and the bad design of the product did not prevent it – DONT BUY IT!!! The service has been awful and not customer focused at all especially spending over £1,000 one would expect some service instead it has been arrogant and dismissive offering less than 6% discount – I would have expected more from a Google company – they only think about profit and not the customer

Ryan Paquette says:

Mike, I’ve been looking into getting security cameras for the last year or two. I’ve sorta settled on Ring or Nest, but I’m not sure which one to go with. I realize that you have tested both brands so I’d like to know which one you prefer. I like the Nest thermostat also so if I went with Nest I could see adding that to the eco system. I also really like Ring’s floodlight camera setup. So I’m a little unsure which way to go and respect your thoughts greatly! I would appreciate any help! Thanks!

Cameron Couitt says:

Ahhhh….hello. Is this a review or a commercial?

Commercials tell you how 'great' a product is.and don't offer any objective or critical commentary.

Reviews mention both positives and negatives and usually include constructive suggestions as to how the manufacturer might improve the product or service.

The 'reviewer' got something in return for his review. This is clearly a commercial in my book.

Gorilla Jones says:

To dumb dumbs saying "it's too easy to see, steal" please think. You want these dbags to see the camera. A, you now have a video of the assholes. B, if they know they've been seen they're more likely to just leave. Better they steal or destroy the camera than the shit in your house morons.

Secondly, drill a hole for the power cable, this isn't brain surgery. The camera can be placed high up, you know, higher than people can reach. YouTube is full of people who don't think before they comment

James L says:

bey me plaaa

Dub G Ent says:

Shits wacc. Dont buy it

markspencer171 says:

Excellent video. Thanks.

Halil Cifci says:

So I pay 200 bucks and in stucked with a subscribtion? lol no thanks

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