Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Review

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Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Review

Hey techies! Here’s the review of nest indoor sercurity camera. I think this is a great camera for many different uses! Such as monitoring a business, home or even using it as a baby monitor. I personally like using this in my bedroom/office because I have thousands dollars of computers and equipemnt to produce youtube videos in my room and it only makes sense to have some kind of security to monitor everything in my room. You never know what may happen to your tech gadgets or valuables when you let people in your home. I have personally heard a handful of stories from people I know getting items stolen from their houses by hiring different servies to do something in or around their house.

Besides this camera having an excellent build quality and having a good video quality, I believe the app is one of the best parts. You can customize so many different aspects of the camera and really make it work for how you want to use the camera. There might be other cameras on the market for half the price or cheaper, but I promise you wont get any where near of a postive experience using the camera compared to using the nest indoor cam.

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Mo Ba says:

How many fps does it record

bush jenkins says:

Do you need a WiFi for the camera to work ?

Eddie Orea says:

I like your video but the music is too loud and I can't hear your commentary. I'd suggest no music next time other then your intro. Good info either way.

Miranda Lee says:

Do u have to pay for a subscription in the app to use it at all I want to get it to watch my dogs n see my babies are ok and I don’t want to have to pay extra to use this once I buy it

Pattie Boy says:

I really could not hear your commentary over the music. Wish I could have been able to hear better.

Spart T says:

Got one for my dog and not impressed I should say. Love nest stat so thought camera will be better than cheaper brands but.. I have it on the wall facing dogs crate about 4mtr away. If you don't zoom it's ok, but if I zoom to the crate it is so blurred can't see the dog inside it

n40798 says:

I think the music is a little too low, I can still hear your voice

Sergio Gagliardi says:

Great review. THANKS!

Natural Permanent Makeup says:

They are way too big.

Eddie Duque says:

You forgot the "Listen" Feature man…

Bob A Booey says:

I bought the door bell, and was thinking about buying a couple of indoor cameras; do I have to pay a monthly storage service for each item, or is it one price for all?

Рамина Давлетшина says:

Is as advertised.>>>  Gives alerts on motion and records activity. If it loses power you are notified. Pretty foolproof.

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