My New Camera Unboxing | Canon T3i

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Tierra Turnipseed says:

I loved the unboxing

Toxic People says:

How much is this?

Bella Mia says:

great video very helpful

sisworld ye says:

Please send one to me…

STUART says:

I was just talking about getting a camera and I think I’ve just found the one.


My god I would never let my body cap off for so long to “take a look” at it. I tried that when I first got my camera… and got dust in the viewfinder for like a week lol

Azfar Rafiq says:

DSLR camera price

Nabranes TwistyPuzzler says:

I use the iPhone SE.

Avery Solis says:

This is the only vid taht he didnt unbox a cube lol

photography foru says:

zoom test in canon point shoot

365tuber 2 says:

You have the same intro as ezcubing just saying

gurmeet singh says:

Look for thia canon camera

TheSlashBro says:

You dond a 2 chalnal

pvzsm says:

hey nice video and im getting the same camera this was made of summer of 2015so im wondering has it

edward caisie says:

so stupid lmao omg so funny how easy the camera cap comes off lol tool

Raymond Wingate says:

When he said " strap " I cracked up 😂😂

Sulfen says:

It looks the same as all the newer rebel series cameras. Nice.

TwisterCuber says:

I got a camcorder today, it is a JVC GZ E200

Mohee aldeen ALyousef says:

Thanks man but can you tell me how much money??

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