My Favourite 35mm Point and Shoot | Minolta TC1 Review

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Cameras we shot:
Minolta TC-1

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Video recorded on Sony A6500
Graded with Film Convert Nitrate

Music by Chris Punsalan:

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petru tzz says:

Everybody s talkin bout the camera, but how can u ignore the T O N E Z of the kodak gold?

My Channel My Choice says:

Thanks for rising the prices😤

Jordan Lol says:

dear slim i wrote you but you still ain't calling

Mark Hopkins Photo says:

More pricey than the T2.

Depot msa says:

have you seen those leather cases for this camera !!!!!! their so sick !

Logan Browne says:

me: i'm getting this right now i'm getting this right now

ebay prices: no you're not

Fendrix 69 says:

Vignetting is ridiculous on this one

oh yeah yeah yeah1234567890 says:

hows the hair

Sherif Magdy says:

Final verdict on “LENS SHARPNESS” ?

MINOLTA TC-1 or NIKON 35ti ?

Very hesitant which one to buy, minolta for the form factor & ISO control, Nikon for wider Aperture & matrix metering..


Cameron says:

Have you or can you make a video on the Olympus Trip 35?

Flying 4 Film says:

Such an overpriced camera.

Jamie says:

also sick hair dude

Ted T says:

You really should try out the Richo GR1v that is much uglier, but smaller, cheaper, and have a better image quality.

Jerrboyy says:

Those tones in the shots came out so soft and earthy, lower contrast but remaining detail in the darks. Great shots – and of course, excellent video. Very well produced and carefully arranged, the flow of this video was predictable and felt natural – the commentary matched with B roll shots was great and kept me interested all the way until the end.

tekoppen says:

Hey. Ever heard of the artist günther!?

Aether52 says:

Just found out you know Bouldering Bobat!

Sabir Kuliev says:

TC-1 is the epitome of compact camera. Minolta fitted super sharp G rokkor to tiny body and then they made that same lens on Leica M mount, it was so good. If you think this camera is expensive, search for that lens on Leica mount and see it's price alone.

Ben says:

Hey George, where do you find all these or do you just pay full price?

Sodacake says:


Jesse Congdon says:

3:08 bruh you just spent 50 seconds saying I hope it's good because I enjoy using it a lot

saltydave129 says:

How much were these cameras before this video?

Matías Castro says:

A cloudy post-rain day is EXACTLY the type of conditions you want for photography. There's no better light!

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