My Canon EOS R Mirrorless Review, 5D Comparison + Example Photos

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In today’s video I go over Canon’s newest full frame mirrorless: CANON EOS R. I compare it to the 5d MARK III and show you example images. I do NOT get to keep this camera! We have it for testing for 6 weeks only 🙂 This is my honest review and I will still be deciding if I actually want to buy it myself or not. As of now, I will still be using my 5d mark iii full time.




Jessica Kobeissi says:

Hi guys. I made a mistake in this video, and just wanted to address it. Around 6:38 I mislabeled what I thought was a sensor on the 5d mark iii, but was actually the mirror. I apologize for my mistake, and will make sure to do better for my next video. I'm still pushing myself to learn about the technical aspect of all the cameras and equipment I use, but I'm not perfect. Truth is – I still don't know a lot, but I know that I do want to learn. I do not consider myself someone who is an enthusiast of the technical side of gear, but I do understand the importance of knowing the gear I use as a photographer. Thank you for reading and correcting me, I definitely learned from this.

Tyanny Barajas says:

For someone who started off with a Rebel 6ti that wants to upgrade to something more professional for work photography, which one of these two would you recommend??

Jan-Peter Mohwinkel says:

Beautiful Girl

Jan-Peter Mohwinkel says:

The Sensor is not exposed at the Mark III that is just the mirror. It would be better to compare modern DSLM with a modern DSLR so the Mark IV

Sarah Tatham says:

What benefits does a mirror less camera have other than the weight difference?

ketan gondaliya says:

Not live spots

Philip Geerdts says:

You are so cute … OMG !!! Wonderful woman! :*

Petit White says:

Only 1 slot for card, not good.

Tio Peperino says:

Good thing I'm a Nikon guy… these Canon marketting spells don't work on me x🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Chris ND. says:

The EOS R is much better than the 5DMII. The only comparison for me is on the continuous shooting. The 5DIII does it better.

keepinitreal says:

I got the R, what do you think of it now? I’m debating if I should return bc I just don’t find that it focuses well, and in low light is pretty grainy! It may be user error tho

Sleatren says:

the design is like haselblad

Sebliminal says:

Wait why did you have to shoot JPEG? Does eos r not shoot raw?

DiscoveringOceans says:

I’m thinking of selling both my canon g7x markii & 7D for the 6D Markii hmmm 🤔🤔

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