Motorola One Zoom Hands-on Review | Quad-Camera Beast

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Hands-on with Motorola’s new Moto One Zoom, a quad-camera beast launched at IFA 2019 boasting premium specs for under £400. I’ve had a play and I really like the feature-packed camera experience, stock Android and crisp OLED screen. The Motorola One Zoom is releasing in the UK in September so my full review is coming soon!

The optics are of course the true talking point, offering a telephoto 3x option as well as an ultra wide angle lens. You get Moto’s AI features on board and the usual bonus modes and manual controls, plus 4K recording with the choice of lenses.

Powering the Zoom is the Snapdragon 675 chipset, backed by 4GB RAM. The rest of the specs are solid too, including the 4000mAh battery and 6.4-inch FHD+ OLED screen. You’ll enjoy crisp, punchy visuals, with a headphone jack to boot for your audio!

This isn’t an Android One handset surprisingly, although you do get the same stock Android experience complete with the Moto Experiences and a couple of other bonus features like face unlock.

The phone is releasing worldwide this month, stay tuned for a in-depth review!


Hameed Ullah Vlogs says:

Good smartphone

Shrijeet Gaikwad says:

I love your wallpapers.. U seem otaku.. Senpai

camelCased says:

Ok, so they have more cameras… but are they any better than on Nokia 8.1 that you can buy for 300 EUR now? And Nokia 8.1 has Android One, so, hopefully, will get updated to the next Android version. Also, Nokia 8.1 has 710 Snappy, so it should be a bit faster than 675.

I'm in doubt now. Should I get Nokia 8.1 now or wait for something more powerful for 300 EUR? But I'm not sure we'll see any cheap options soon. I tend to ignore Xiaomi, Huawei etc. because many of them don't have NFC and Xiaomi is infamous for having buggy software for a year or so after the launch, and usually no Android One guaranteed updates for those devices.

But what about that flickering screen? I thought AMOLEDs don't have any backlight, so it shouldn't have PWM flicker.

M.Ashik M says:

Sama mobile vanganumnu aasaya irruku aana ipatha redmi note7 vankunaa🙈🙈

Ama n says:

I heard it's 190 grams…is it true?? And plz tell more abt speaker… i have a moto x4 and speaker is worst.

4-UP says:

It looks good

Maru Sahil says:

So wonderful phone 😇😇🤠

Vishal Patel says:

Best phone in moto one line

Abhishek says:

In India moto sucks, thanx to Lenovo.


did he just call 665 as a premium device?

oneplustwo5t says:

Moto phones useless without call Recording in India.

oneplustwo5t says:

Moto phones are useless without call recording feature

OldSchoolVibes 1978 says:

Why's there always one thing missing? If this phone had stereo speakers I'd grab one!

Arya s says:

Snapdragon 675 in this price 🙃🙃🙃 excellent work by Lenovo, just killing Moto brand. And who gonna brought in that price after 2 month phone price automatically goes down. Just think before spending money in this phone. 😛

trinikenshin says:

The camera samples looked pretty bad on GSM arena

mumbaikan 400077 says:

I wanted to go for Xperia 10/1 but in India they are not available in warranty and later scares of spares is what made my decision to go with low mid budget Moto One Vision to experience FHD 21:9 display, AI enabled processor, AI camera sensor, 12 mg pxl with (48 quadpixel technology) camera for night photos, EIS and OIS for camera, Fast Charge, ipx 52 certification and 3 years commitment with Google Android One. I m happy as i got all new 2019 features in a $250 phone. now will upgrade to Snapdragon 9 series after 2 years. Hope it comes by then.

vincent Tan says:

Sometime feel mid-range phone is good all around.

dark knight says:

They release phones every second and forget about updating software, security patches…the next second 😡😡😡

Bluearchan says:

Something tells me u have lost ur original way of speaking.

life Is Beautiful Live it says:

Beautiful video 👌👌👌

sourabh gene says:

When something happens good than u create video which is always about new in invention and creation handset

MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T#LG,G6 says:

I like that back of the phone.

Rahul Das says:

Thanks man I was gonna buy either moto one action or vision but now I think I can wait for some more time.

Sai Tagore says:

India price

Malay Pangtey says:

I was looking for a mid range camera centric phone, hope this phone doesn't disappoint


Uses wide angle in vertical

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