Motorola One Hyper Camera Review | 64MP Beast + Pop-Up Selfies

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I’ve been testing the Motorola One Hyper’s camera tech for a few days now for this review, and this mid-range beast boasts some smart optics for sure. The rear setup includes a mighty 64MP primary lens which can capture full-res images, plus an ultra-wide angle alternative. Meanwhile the selfie camera is a pop-up affair, offering up to 32MP photos of your beautiful visage.

By default, the Moto One Hyper shoots 16MP pics using quad pixel binning tech, for brighter everyday results. A lot of smartphone cameras use this technique for low light improvements and this Motorola blower is certainly one of the best at this price point for night shots. And while there’s no telephoto lens, the Hyper can grab impressive detail at that maxed-out 64MP level.

You can also shoot up to 4K resolution video, with impressive image stabilisation. Again, it’s solid for a mid-range mobile. And if you swap to the selfie camera, you can grab good looking snaps with solid portrait smarts.

My full One Hyper review will be going live in a day or so, but here’s a preview: this is a solid smartphone for under £300. Check out my ‘best Motorola phones’ round-up to see alternative options for 2020.


G Legar says:

I would love to see a motorola camera comparison. I am not sure which moto is the better.
Hyper? Zoom? Macro? Action? Vision? G8Plus?

Gonçalo Tomás says:

I would love to see this smartphone with the google camera app!!!! I'm curious if it hields in better quality

Manuel Branco says:

Is this guy on speed? He talks so fast and skims over the relevant details like you should already know what they're all about!

BuildersM8 says:

Keep it a month and prepare yourself for overheating issues, screen freezing and random reboots which seem to affect all Motorola phones.

GpD79 says:

5:00 Is that what that is? Beauty mode? I totally noticed it and I hate it. How do I turn it off? I've looked in the settings and I can't seem to figure it out!

DomDemann says:

How do you boost the video capture to 4k?

SVelazquez says:

He says the wide angle lens has good night time performance but doesn't actually show any of it? 🤨

shreyank goyal says:

Make a video on moto one hyper charging speed

Mobile Filmmaking says:

Does it support the camera2 api?

AL 2020 says:

Wishing my One Vision had a wide angle lens. I wonder if I can trade it in for the One Hyper? Can the Hyper video in wide angle lens mode in 4K with stabilisation switched on?

Arsalan Farooq says:

2 let downs for me
1. Battery should be 5000mah just like my Moto one power ( i m using right now)
2. Faster processor

Cre8 Peace says:

I like the pop up camera. Hope it becomes a thing on all phones

idan124 says:

yes but why sd675 🙁

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