Motorola One Action | Camera Review Vs Moto Vision

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To review the Motorola One Action’s triple-lens camera, I tested it alongside the older Moto One Vision for a few days. Here’s a close look at the photo and video quality, with plenty of samples.

The Moto One Action may not have a 48MP primary lens like the Vision, but this 12MP shooter is a big improvement thanks to the PDAF tech. This new Android One handset produces punchy photos and can shoot 4K resolution video, or stabilised ‘Action Cam’ video using that third lens. You can even shoot Ultra HD video with the selfie snapper, unlike before.

For £219, the Motorola One Action is one of the best camera smartphones of 2019 so far here in the UK. You get tons of great features including those AI smarts also found on the Moto Vision, alongside Spot Colour and Portrait Mode. The one true weakness is night shots, where this mobile really falls down versus the Vision.

Check back next week for my full review of the Moto One Action, and let me know below if you’re tempted by this stock Android phone.


Tech Spurt says:

Forgot to mention in the review, that Action Cam can only be used for video – not photos. Check out my Moto One Action unboxing where I compare the specs etc with the Vision, and a full review is coming next week! (Most likely Tuesday/Wednesday). Cheers for watching x

Gino Guillermo says:

I am torn between the One Action & the One Vision.
I'm downgrading my Galaxy S9+ to a more reasonable and modest phone.

I need to find a phone with a slightly wider angle front & rear cameras, something with decent/above average night photos (with somewhat less noise), a decent/above average 2-3x zoom (with somewhat less noise), natural-looking photos and not oversaturated, a "loud enough" stereo speakers (75dB & above), fast updates (similar to Android One) and a camera that has decent/above average dynamic range (less overblown highlights on the background like sunlight or artificial indoor lights). A less buggy (more optimised) software, stereo recording (192kbps & above) and safe in splashes or light rain would a bonus for me.

Comments and advice please.

LolGuitarist says:

You look like Murr in Impractical Jokers

Di rk says:

great helpfull video

Topsingh Lilhare says:

तुम्हें सुनने का अलग ही मज़ा है

GameArcade says:

3:41 doll look like ghost 😕

wow says:

Install the gcam from pixel and get night sight

bhanu prasad Devabattula says:

Your worthy to subscribe

Praveen Kumar says:

Little fast explaination

Mohammed Arfath says:

Moto one vision night mode is so awesome.
Image quality of one vision is good clarity looks like real.

Vinod Shenoy says:

Can u make a complete review of moto one action

Yogesh says:

Compare mia3 camera

abhi abhinav says:

Sir do a gaming review

Gino Guillermo says:

Be a bit more specific and thorough with the camera description and specs. More sample for day & night shots for both the selfie & rear cameras. And be a wee bit serious with less jokes please. Cheers.

Trevor P says:

My old redmi note 5 pro's camara is better than this, takes 1080p 60fps videos with very good stebilization… no Stuttering nothing.. A relaxing smooth video.. (motorola one action user)

Laksh Gambhir says:

Does it have camera 2?

Renzo Sotin says:

Moto one action excelente camara y video 🙂

joshua 117ti says:

Does this phone actually fit in hands like is it too weird or just a bit

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