Motorola Moto G7 Plus vs Moto G7 | Camera Comparison

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The Moto G7 and Motorola’s Plus model both boast a dual lens camera, although with different hardware. I’ve been testing both Moto phones out ahead of my full review and here’s how those smartphone snappers compare, including a close look at photo and video quality.

While the Moto G7 Plus rocks a 16MP primary lens with f/1.7 aperture, the original mobile uses a 12MP f/1.8 aperture lens. Both offer Phase Detection Autofocus and a secondary 5MP depth sensor, although only the Plus also has Optical Image Stabilisation on board.

Photo quality is strong from both of Motorola’s handsets, but the more premium model unsurprisingly wins when it comes to HDR and night photos. This is one of the best budget camera phones already in 2019, especially with some top video results. The Moto G7 and G7 Plus can both shoot up to 4K resolution footage.

Motorola has thrown in a host of bonus modes to play with as well. That premium version has the new AI Composition feature, to make your photos look even better.

Check over on Recombu for my full review of the Motorola G7 Plus, coming very soon after this video goes live!

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Jr Broncano says:

It's the same

Trevi Trevi says:

Will you please compare G6+ camera with G7+ camera?

Drexler 7 says:

Wallpaper please

gomitogomez1 says:

Terrible cameras and terrible processor.

jeffmcc75 says:

Does the new G7 range allow you to format the SD card as internal storage? In the G6 only the G6 Play and G6 allowed this, the G6 Plus you had to format it as separate storage area.

Gabriela Lamberti says:

What website can I buy the G7 Plus with NFC. specs show NFC is only available in Europe.

Abhrajit Saha says:

when will you show moto g7 play or moto g7 power!

Emil Bozhilov says:

I think that the nokia 7.1 is better just because of the guaranteed software updates?

Zero Divide says:

Is it just my eyes or do the G7 shots look sharper than the G7+, specifically @ 4:20 and 1:33?

James Gale says:

The G7 Plus looks a little more washed out in some of the shots & videos, but they both seem decent for the price point. However I think the OIS in the G7 Plus makes is the winner.

Anil Yadav says:

Both phones are shit

Nitish Kumar says:

Post a battery reviews of g7+
And how many major updates would it get?

Alluri Ramachandra Raju says:

Nice coverage for the moto g7 series, want you to show us charging speed and temperature on G7 plus

Axel HZ says:

And Motorola never brings the G+ models to the U.S anymore for w.e reason sigh

Sure Thing says:

Nobody is buying Moto g7 👎😣 No battery 👎😣No speed😣👎 Old PROSSER 😣👎 Android 8.0 this is 2019☹️👎

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